so is it pretty much agreed upon that scrog is the best way to max yeild indoors???

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  1. was thinking of a new setup for my closet after my first grow, i tied the branches down to the 5 gal buckets they were in, soil grow and it came out ok, i used all the space i had though and feel i could have gotten more if i scrog'd but it was my first so i feel better about it next time,

    but my q is that scrog is the best way to max indoors yeild, is it debateable to letting them grow naturally, no lst, no tiedown that it would increase yeild, dont wanna do sog, too much work
  2. There is no consensus on the issue. People that use screens swear by 'em. People that grow SoG to make lollipops swear by that method. Some say vertical is the way to grow.

    I love the screen, can't see myself growing without it. But, I also grow SoG lollipops simultaneously in another area :D
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  4. I don't think I've ever seen a clear and consistent winner between methods, really. The whole debate also seems to presuppose that we're only lighting from the top. If you consider side lighting, things change quite a bit.
  5. Sure, I can compare styles. For my money, SoG lollipop is the way to go. But, the draw back is that you need considerably more plants to get the same yield versus other methods of growing. If I converted my whole grow to SoG I would need about 8-10 times as many plants.

    In some states every germinated seed (or rooted clone), regardless of stage of growing, is considered a felony. So, that's 10 times as many felony counts for the same yield. Plus, it can take a lot more work to maintain. I hand water my lil cola plants every other day. So, if I had a couple hundred plants, that's a lot of watering...or I'd need to upgrade to a different method of watering, like a drip system.

    If you invest in a vertical system, like the colosseum, which is basically an advanced SoG set-up, then you have the same draw backs. Need many plants to achieve the same yield. The plus is the maintenance isn't as much of a pain once the system is in full swing.
  6. ^ thanks man, yea i want to have a bubble cloner so i can grow a lot of diff strains, but only have a small closet to work w/, thats why iam leaning toward scrog, although i wont be able to grow many strain, although i dont think that sticking to bf lsd and ww is a bad deal
  7. or is it possible to scrog w. many strains?, lets say u take a plant from your veg area and put it into ur flower area thats a scrog, lets say the plant u took isnt as developed or big as the ones already being scrog'd but its ready for 12/12 though, can u just adjust the new plant to the screen assuming u have space to fill (like put books underneath it so its taller) or is that the improper way to scrog?
  8. With that limited space you could look into grafting. It's a very intriguing concept to me and works rather effectively from what I've seen.

    I haven't tried any grafting yet, but I love to watch this video :D

    [ame=]YouTube - Urban Grower Talks About Grafting Cannabis Plants[/ame]
  9. I your in a medical state where u have plant limits then scrog would be the way to go.otherwise I'd say sog ,less veg time=faster you could get extra harvests per year.Plus perpetual harvest where u can harvest once a month or whatever keeps ya in constant smoke.
  10. I grafted b4 as expirement but never thought as usein it as havin multy strain mom.thats fantastic
  11. But I did notice that hes got like 6-8 strains grafted and all the nugs seem to b at the same stage of flowering. that makes me wonder

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