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So.. is ice the only way?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Filth Noir, May 22, 2010.

  1. So, I'm very high right now, but I tried a bong hit with really hot water, not boiling hot or anything you know. But yea, it didn't seem to hurt all that bad, and usually I'm putting my face in my lap in pain, but it didn't bother me. Either I got really really lucky and had a decent hit without pain.. or yea.. soo oh yea, did um.. fuck.

    Is it true that hot water makes it nicer on your lungs? Curious.

    Afraid my next hit could hurt :(

    My brother's next door doing the dirty... :(

    Another hit is in session then!:smoke:
  2. So I took the second hit. And found myself some headphones! incredible feeling I tell ya.

    But yes, the second hit didn't hurt all that bad either ! had a little cough, but that's great.

    So I guess I found my answer..

    I'm just special.
  3. ya ive heard and tried, steamy water makes hits smoother IMO. i also heard someone say that steamy water is actually cooling the smoke, not like cold water and/or ice/snow thats just feels like its cool but the smoke actually isnt. idk im stoned.:smoke::smoking:
  4. why are you experiencing pain when you toke?
  5. ive noticed the same with warm water it just feels more like your not inhaling smoke at all
  6. yup - warm water will make the hit smoother. with a bong rip it's not always the heat of the smoke so much as the amount of smoke that instigates the coughin
  7. I don't know why I'm hurting so bad, I'm a big dude, and I enjoy taking huge hits, but they do hurt.. I don't know.. shit.. but yea.

    The heat is like the.. the things your parents use to use for you when you were younger... humidifiers or something.. yea! it's like good for the lungs..

    yea... third go!:smoke:
  8. That's what he said!
  9. .... :laughing:

    Office fan?
  10. Hot water + ice in the bong? Just sayin', could be on to something here.
  11. lol im watching it right now and he just said it.
  12. no doubt you are my friend^

    the only reason i'm missin' winter is because i could fill a bong with hot water and pack the ice-catcher with snow
  13. Haha, wouldn't that just like cancel the other effect?? like, if you have hot water, and it goes through ice, it'll cool down.. just like like being, a kind of sorta um. fuck. and it'll just be like warm water. sort of.. or cooler.. yea.

    So really funny high moment there.. I forgot what I was saying, so I had to re-read what I wrote, and where I got to the confused part of my text, I kept forgetting what I was talking about again.. Daamn! :smoke:
  14. Wow! this hot water makes hits sooo much smoother.. it's insane!
  15. me and my old roommate did some bong experimenting...

    milk is no good because it bubbles too much

    gatorade gives a nice little flavor

    nail polish remover made my eyes water like crazy

    cow blood is good but only if you're tryin to hit the bong during a pagan ritual

    toilet water turned out to be the best... best temperature and taste, and the least harsh
  16. did it have some Northern.Shites in it?
  17. What in the fuck were you smoking man?! Those are crazy ideas... nail polish remover?! wouldn't you like.. get cancer?

    You're fucking with me aren't you?!..
  18. well i can't speak for him - but statistically it's more probable that he's fucking with women.
  19. Man now I'm confused...
  20. Man gatorade is a sick idea....only thing that sucks though is once it gets all dirty:(

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