So is attraction soley based on commen interest

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  1. A strange situation happened to me a few weeks ago. I girl had talked to me on face book saying she was going to my school in a few weeks. she was from England and as i told her about school and what not, we began to converse about movies and music. as pathetic as it is, in a matter of weeks i grew to like her and very anxious to meet her:). Well it turns out that she ended up going to a different school and i never got to meet her, thus killing anything that could have happened. Well i then began to wonder well, i never met her nor even heard her voice, but mainly based on common or similar interest. i grew a liking for her and she to i. I then began to wonder could some one connect and have a relationship just on common interests and nothing more. I thought if i got a hold of a hot girls interest resumea, and i memorized it then talk to her spitting out the memorized stuff, would that be enough to spark attraction and liking. i think in most cases it would. so to sum this up. I now have a strange realization of how interests effect human relations in almost every relationship.
    sorry if im crazy, it made sense in my head
  2. relationships wouldn't have any value if the two partners didn't share common interests.

    you could spew memorized stuff to hot chicks but hot chicks are almost always materially driven as well. so if you're not rich/hot/popular it's not gonna help you that much.
  3. You should read the wikipedia on attraction.. It's one of my favorite articles
  4. Sure common interest sparks attraction but to attain and hold a relationship you need more than just a spark.

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