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So in school today...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by itbeatsdointhat, May 28, 2009.

  1. hah what can i say.. my titles the same as the other guys but it represented what i wanted to say perfectly:smoking:

    I'm a "senior" in highschool, we dont really say that in Canada, but either way, I'm 18.

    Were doing speaches in english, a thing every person in my school has to do every year, its a fucking bitch.

    There is this guy in my class, who's from columbia but has been here since like grade 7. He was in my class at my middle school. he's a pretty big guy, whatever, we've had our problems aha. he doesnt say much of shit to anyone, all anyone knows is he calls himself 'Magic', and raps. He isnt any good, I mean.. he's been in concerts and shit around Toronto, up on stage and what not, but that aint the point of the story.

    He gets up in front of my class today, and no lie.. i'll quote what i remember.

    "alrite im'a wing it'.
    so its sunday right. I'm just chillin, last night was saturday, tomorrows monday, so i aint got nothin to do. I just be rippin bowls with my homies, (looks at my teacher, a pretty chillin young guy) pardon me, when one of dem' starts doin this ting' wit his hands."

    -he started flashing westside .

    "do any of you know what this be?"

    -some kid goes "westside"
    -this guy doing the speach starts explaining about the 2pac-biggie beef, getting the class to participate and making a brainstorm on the board

    "So k. My speach isnt even about these manz, it's gonna be about... G Funk. anybody know what G funk is? GANGSTA FUNK."

    He explains what gangsta funk is... its just rap beats with funk? i dont know i wasnt listening realllly iw as just laughing. so baked.

    "So to end my speach, I'ma go out wit a quote from the first G funk song ever made. It's called G Funk by snoop dogg. 'Guess who's back, in the mother fuckin house, with a big fat dick, for your mother fucking mouth.' thank you."

    the whole class went nuts ahaha, this fuckin guy.

    he got a fuckin 90%, apparently he had all the components...
    -good eye contact
    -good voice level
    -visual aid

    haha had to tell you guys, kinda a had to be there moment but you got the jist.
  2. damn if i did that at my school i would prob get suspended or some shit...
  3. fuck getting suspended, they would just expell me.
  4. any other teacher and this guy would have been.
    my english teacher is litterally the biggggggggest chiller ever.
    i think he's bi aha, cause i know he has a girlfriend but he is so flaming the room goes up 10 degrees when he enters the room aha.
    teach just kinda sat there and with his jaw dropped, the whole time.
    at the end he kinda smiled, i mean.. what was he supposed to do he has a rep as the nicest guy and we graduate in like a week..
  5. The funny guy prob smoked with your teacher.
  6. where's this at? compton?
  7. jeeze, good to know that shit goes on up North also...makes me feel better about the shit i see around here sometimes
  8. my english teacher hates me.....

    she refuses to look at me when i speak to her, she ignores me a lot, i know shes ignoring me, but i get persistent and annoying till she pays attention....

    the sad thing is she'd probably love me, but i just don't do any work and teachers hate that shit....

  9. aha and in a upper class mostly white highschool to. go figure
  10. dude, that story is epic! I wish I could have been there for that.
  11. me and my old english teacher used to smoke weed in middle school, we were both always baked in class :hippie:
  12. That's so crazy. lol. :laughing:
  13. lol that is a fucking awesome ending quote !!

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