So I'm watching adult swim, and...

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  1. I have class tomorrow, but I dont care so I'm staying up watching crappy late night shows on AS. 12 oz mouse sucks...idk how it even got on the air. And Xavier renegade angel is just so random, but I like way watching it just because it's so weird.

    Who else is up? You stoners need to hit the sack! Or a bong, whichever :smoke:
  2. its been a while since ive watched adult swim. it always had wierd shows, but they were cool.
  3. I can't watch Adult swim when I'm baked. Some weird shit like superjail comes on and I freak out haha

  4. Superjail is incredible. Mute the TV and throw your iPod in, you'll have a great time.
  5. 12 oz mouse is hilarious, way more then Xavier which you basically have to be on drugs to enjoy watching

    You cant watch 12 oz mouse expecting Family guy, where they crack an obvious joke every 7.5 seconds. The show is more subtle about its humor, I still die laughing watching it, but im usually pretty baked by that point in the night.

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