So Im trying to get into dabs

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  1. Living in MD all i get average dank and ive built up a tolerance. Ive recently found a road (hint hint) to some oils and wanna try them out. So what would i need to add to my ssfg stemline and would that be a good piece for dabs?
  2. You would need either a curve or an adapter to use a dome and nail. I'm assuming your SSFG tube has a female joint.

    It would be alright for dabbing, I suppose. You want low amount of diffusion, because BHO is already filtered and shouldn't have any plant matter to diffuse from the smoke, and a small volume in the chambers, because this helps keep the vapor concentrated and maintains flavor for a better and tastier hit. Recyclers and such are useful for keeping vapor(or smoke in those crazy HAMM 'Cyclers) inside of the bubbles, to cool the vapor, so that they pop closer to your mouth and retain flavor.

    This is all my opinion, mind you.
  3. eh, your ssfg is fine for dabbing, atleast for now, It might not be a rig, but it is def pretty small.
  4. Okay, yeah, the ssfg has the stemline for diffusion, but that is it. And the neck of the tube is very small so the hit will be concentrated. Whats the best site to get an adapter, dome and nail?
  5. The labs of aqua, labs of dabbing, and HPG, just to name a few.
  6. Start looking for a "vapor curve" or bell along with a Titanium pad/swing. You could get a nail and dome but it'd take an adapter so the curve is much easier. The places gnarbubbler posted are great places to start. It's gonna be around 60 bucks but trust me once you switch to BHO you'll want to have more.
  7. Look under the concentrate utensils tab. It has everything you need.
  8. Yeah, I am. There is just so many options, so what would be a cheap but efficient set up I can get?
  9. If your piece has a female joint it's easiest to get a curve with a Titanium pad. It's in there under vapor curve. You could get an adapter and get a nail/dome set up if you really wanted to but it might cost a little bit more than the curve. It's 90 bucks for a vapor curve with Ti pad. You can pick up a dabber for 10 bucks and a dish for about the same. The dabber is what you use to scrape up the oil then drop it onto the pad/nail.

    You also need a torch to heat the pad/nail.
  10. But I've heard that dome and nail set ups are far more efficient, or is that not true?
  11. They are a little easier since you can see the nail and where you're dabbing but i wouldn't say they're any more efficient. It takes some practice to get the right amount of suction so that none of the smoke escapes the curve/dome but after a try or two you'll be able to get 95% of the smoke.
  12. Okay. Thanks for the help. I'm just skeptical to drop all this money on something I have no experience with
  13. Man i was in the exact same spot as you. I mean 10gs turned into BHO lasts me atleast 4-5 nights and it's potent shit. Also if you purge it good the taste is so much better than combustion. I wasn't sure if it was worth it to drop the cash on the initial investment but i don't regret it at all and once you have all your gear all you'll have to pay for is bud :)
  14. Yeah I mean I've literally tried everything smoking related besides concentrates and bud just isn't doing it for me anymore. Maybe it has to do with living in MD and only getting average dank. So is the gap between bud high and bho high really that long?
  15. Well a dab is equal to around 3-4x the THC than some of the best bud. So one bho hit is like taking the same sized hit 3x with regular bud.

  16. I think I'm ready.
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    A-L-T seems to have alot of these "vapor globe sets" which run pretty cheap, how would one of these be?
  18. vapor globes are the same as a dome and nail set up just different name. I have one that is the *** brand name i got and i like it alot. I got a *** dish, globe/dome, quarts nail, and a dabber for lik 70 bucks in total.

    Those would work just fine for ya :smoke: just make sure you get a set that has a male joint for it so it fits in your bong.
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    Okay, im just a bit conncerned about my ssfg. I dont wanna drop all this money on oil and tools and then not have it be good for dabbing. It is quite small, ten inches I believe, and its only perc is the stemline. The mouthpiece is also very narrow which would concentrate the smoke.

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