so i'm thinking of enlisting for air force

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    i'm tired as fuck of being a broke ass college student.

    only having money from my dead grandma's inheritance.

    braindead school, etc.

    anyone here been to military, particularly air force?

    what were your experiences like? did you like it and/or regret it?
  2. what exactly are you asking? if i knew i could actually give you some info.
  3. once i smoked weed for a while
    i decided to join the army reserves
    so went and took the oath to defend my country against enemies foreign and domestic
    then got a letter saying i had some THC still in my system
    they said i could try to join up later if i could pass the test
    glad i failed
    i couldn't imagine going to war

  4. shit sorry. edited it, my brain is missing br0
  5. No, but i was and still am consider the air force, as well.. im a fucking great shot, but i dont know the max height for airforce sniper school. (waiting for marine or someone to come flame me lol)

    but its between that, if i can make the requirements, loadmaster, cyrptologic linguist or maybe combat control.. all various jobs, but all some sweet, life changing experiences..

    Basically, there is a waitlist right now.. You need ot have no tatt's, a healthy record, and clean record etc.. First you go talk to the recruiter, then he will say shit to get you to sign, but dont believe it all, for real.. Most shit is true, but try and find one that a buddy knows personally, or someone who isnt just a random guy trying to fill quota.

    Then, you sit and talk about joining, taking the asvab, and going to MEPS, which is testing, and a physical, eye stuff etc.. After that you hear back and maybe one more visit to somehwhere i forget, then you get your ship date for basic.. (Lackland). Youtube some videos to get an idea..Dont show up in air force clothes, or think its gonna be fun and games/easy money.. The money is basically worked for through and through.. the jobs you have before you finished school, etc are gonna be shitty, but its all an experience and gonna help you build character..

    just think in six years, if you choose non combat/fighitng too its a bonus, you will be set for a good while with money, structure, and hopefully job leads afterwards depending on career choices.

    Get in shape before you go.. and not a weight lifting type fit, i mean like running 3-4 miles no problem in a good time.. get used to drinking lots of water, and eating fast.. as well as lots of yelling and showering with dudes..

    keep in mind i havent joined, or served.. just what i've gathered from research and here say from recruiters/buddies in the service.. Im really fucking considering it.. :wave:

    feel free to chime in and lemme know if im clearly wrong lol :eek::p:wave:
  6. [​IMG]<-----mfw when i realize the fact that i won't be able to smoke weed for 4 years and also not fap for 2 and a half months while in boot camp
  7. I dont know guys im not trying to get flamed for being the anti military guy dont get me wrong i have the most respect for all men and woman in uniform.let me tell you the story of my uncle who did a tour in vietnam came back a totally differnet person ending up putting a gun in his mouth. or my grandfather whos infantry unit was ordered to retake mcaurthers rubber plantations in the Philippines his unit was issued no ammuntion in the hope of not destorying mcaurthors rubber trees they had to retake the fields with only bayonets his company was wiped out except him and his one friend who was horrible maimed in the fighting all im saying is when you join the armed forces you can become an expendable asset like my uncle and grandfather became.
  8. Yes, I was in the Army and, yes, I regret it. Don't do it. If you do decide to enlist, better quit smoking pot now because they are going to piss test you from day one.
  9. fuck man if you cant give up 4 years of bud then you should re evaluate what you are prepared to do :laughing:

    dont get me wrong, i love the great, great ganja.. but in some cases, id give that shit up if i know i could pick it back up along the years... yes id love to chill at home, smoking all day and night, making sweet sweet love to my lady. but would you really be doing that, or would you be bummed that you aren't living it up or just stuck in the monotonous day to day boring life shit..

    this post has nothing to do with joining really.. moral of the story, push your self to the limit imo.. do what you love, but do it in full. dont look back and just fucking enjoy it ya know.. cant dwell on the inevitable, and just sit back and do boring shit.. we are already pretty much no bodies on this planet tucked away in the universe.. why not go fuckin ham and fly some helicopters or climb mountains and shit :laughing:

    :smoking: i need to chill on the rants/rambles :p

  10. naw i ain't going into no combat position. only combat position in air force is combat controller or pilot.

    i most likely will get a computer job

  11. haha yea, i'm fully prepared to quit smoking bud for 4 years.

    i'm just gonna replace the times i smoked weed and get back to being a hardcore gamer prolly. weed sorta half replaced video games for me haha.

    i find them very comparable, as in they take you to another world, small health risks but not much, etc.

    and definitely man, there's more important things than weed to me
  12. Ok. I served 5 years in the Navy. I know it's not the chair force, but you try floating around on a tin can the length of a football field with 3000 other people you don't know. Always fun.

    I'll be really honest, the military is a life-style. It's a career, something you should either invest 4-5 years in, or go all out for the full 20 and get that retirement check. If you don't like taking orders, NOT having your opinion asked for, and pretty much being treated like dirt until you get promoted a few times, then it's an awesome job. You do get to see the world, meet new people, and learn some highly technical skills that will serve you later in life.

    But you are also on the job 24/7 for the next X years. There's no room for error, and if you slip up and get a DUI or pop on a drug test, they will crucify you as an example for everyone else. Zero Tolerance means no second chances, and a Dishonorable Discharge will all but ruin your chances at getting a good job when you get out. There's no hiding it from future employers.

    About the drug tests. I was on an aircraft carrier. They tested a certain % of the crew every few weeks, a whole department every other month, and the whole crew twice a year. (Normally after Christmas vacation and 4th of July holiday).


    My experience with the military was a mixed bag of good and bad things. I've been to a few different countries, experienced other cultures, and made some great memories. I've also had to deal with bosses that were dirtbags, work 18 hour shifts, and give up a lot of the little comforts due to not having space in your seabag/rack.


    TL DR - If you have a hard time with giving up control and authority of even the most basic things like when you can take a shower, then no, the military isn't for you.
  13. I was in the Army, so was my brother (in Vietnam), my Dad (Korea) my former Father in Law was a career air force man...

    Be prepared to give up your individuality for the most part while you are active duty. They will break you down and build you back up in their image. If you have a problem with authority, the military is not for you.

    Hated it when I was actually in it, but have to say it gave me the foundation to be successful after I got out. Jail and the military, spend enough time in either one and it will make you grow the fuck up...Or kill you in the attempt. ;)
  14. I was lucky enough to get a base overseas. Not a lot of people do.

    I know many people that hate/regret joining the airforce and are still currently serving.

    The worst part is after tech school, they got you for at least four years. There is no going back.

    Bootcamp sucks dick. Tech school wasnt that much better besides being drunk on the weekends.

    You meet a lot of cool people, and a lot of dicks. To me personally, receiving my degree was a

    bigger accomplishment than enlisting. College was the way for me though.
  15. air force is always a good choice...they hook you up. and your family. plenty of good jobs. steady income. respectable job. why only join for 4 years? you can go quite far staying in the AF.

  16. yea i just fucking hate the classroom environment. just thinking about it makes me sorta sick lol.

    not to mention the stuff i mentioned in the OP

  17. Deal plants.
  18. lol well I hope you enjoy it in bootcamp and tech school.

    You go to class everyday in bootcamp and its the most boring shit. Stuff you are not interested in and if you fall asleep you get your ass handed to you.

    Then in tech school. You learn about your job. But really, its still really boring shit.

  19. Two key necessity's in life. . .

  20. shit yea, but money is more important unfortunately, especially in today's world

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