so im thinking about getting a motorcycle, help need expertise

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  1. so i havent had a car yet and this would be my first vehicle. theres 2 people i know that have sport motorcycles and we were talkin at a party on sat. they were saying theyre great, and like he puts in $12 for gas and it lasts like a month lol and that he can get a bike for like $2000. So all this is sounding great and im thinking about it but i know nothing about motorcycles so can aybody school me on them, like some stuff to determine what a good bike would be and stuff.
  2. Get a little enduro as a starter bike. Heard great things about the wr250x and dt225.
  3. could you tell me why? lol idk anything about bike besides the fact that they look sik and i wish i had one.
  4. If you want a sports bike then start on a ninja 250 or a katana. Please don't start on a 600, youll kill yourself.
  5. why are you recommending certain bikes, like why those over others
  6. I like 250, its good to handle. Less ccs. Its a good ride.
  7. 250? ccs?
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    panflake- since you have zero knowledge about bikes take a MSF course Motorcycle Safety Foundation
    in a nut shell the course provides institutions and use of safety gear and a motorcycle.
  9. ya the actual reality of me getting one isnt coming for about another month so im just trying to learn and decide if itd be a good choice to get one
  10. Bikes are cheap, and they're good on gas mileage, but it's the insurance that kills (assuming you're young).

    CC means cubic centimeters, and is referring to the amount of air/fuel you'll be sucking up. So to put simply, the higher the cc the faster. 250cc is weak but good for starters. 600cc is where the shit gets real.

  11. because crotch rockets can be very unforgiving. with more engine power any slight movement of the throttle can be hard to control. ive heard stories of people hitting bumps and accidentally bumping the throttle causing the bike to wheelie unsuspectingly and throw the biker off the bike

  12. ya im 19, o ok so how weak is weak for the 250 cc
  13. get a golf 1984
  14. insurance isn't too much $$ if you don't get a race bike.

    if you take the msf coarse insurance company's will give you lower rates.
  15. 250's will have enough juice to accelerate faster than most cars on the road, so that should tell you something. Also assuming your in the US your gonna need to take a knowledge test at the very least to get a motorcycle permit, and most states require you to have a valid drivers license(for normal cars) to obtain a motorcycle license or learners permit. Otherwise if you don't want to get a license, you could get something like an R6 and just say fuck tha police and outrun any police personal:devious:
  16. get a dual sport they are a blast! awesome for commuting and you can take it on off road trails.

    i had a 600rr it was fast and handled very well but i have more fun on a dual sport.
  17. lots of opinions and little info . first off there's 2 types of riders, those who have crashed and those who will. keep you head on a pivot and ALWAYS be aware of the traffic around you. you will see a car long before that car sees you. so keep your wits about you. that being said insurance is a biggie and an 18-25yr male will cost more to insure and if you buy a bike categorized as a sportbike insurance goes up alot, $80-$120 more monthly. now for good bikes. all of the bikes listed are very good beginners bikes you won't outgrow quickly. as a sidenote the bike must have enough power to get you out of a bad situation quickly which means 500+cc.

    sizuki sv650/ Gladius.= very good V-twin power,reliable, very good fuel economy and comfy enough for long weekend rides, looks sharp.

    honda VFR800= one of the most comfortable bikes ever made, V4 power is smooth and predictable, fucking awesome sound, very good fuel mileage and tank capacity(5+gals), very reliable, sharp looks, some models have ABS. I commuted comfortably 115 miles a day 5 days a week for 3 years on a vfr and put over 80K miles on it after I bought it with 42K miles and I never had any issues which is a testament to honda's reputation for reliability.this bike was stolen and I will be getting another in the next 18 months,all around awesome bike.

    Kawasaki, versys & ninja 650R= good motor, reliable,both have good looks,comfortable, versys more so than the 650R. good fuel economy, very good power delivery. kawasaki is well known in the motorcycle world as having excellent quality control,their bikes are very reliable and issues are few and far between. their just really good bikes.

    I encourage you to test ride the bikes listed and you won't be disappointed, most of these can be found used for less that $4K. do not go budget on a helmet it can and will save your life if you crash. helmets are costly but needed and finding one that fits perfectly can take a few hours but is well worth it, I went through 3 before I found an HJC that felt like it was made just for me. a cheap uncomfortable lid is pure fucking misery, take my word for it.
    good luck and I hope you find something that you love.
    I've been riding for 11 years now and love every minute of it.
  18. please be carefull.

    my little homie from before pre school killed himself on his crotch rocket the other day.
  19. honestly if you're going to buy a bike, you'll need to also own a car, unless you really like picking asphalt out of your open wounds as rains pours over you.

    i'm not saying nobody can drive a bike in the rain, but i am saying somebody that hasn't even driven a car or bike before should never try it. seriously, i've been driving motorcycles for about 3 years and i have plenty of stories about my first year and trying to drive in the rain.

    do yourself a favor and get a cheaper bike and take what you save on the bike and buy yourself a beater car for the rainy days.

    btw you're going to need one hell of a message chair if you plan on solely commuting on a street bike.
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    B E F O R E you buy a bike go take the MSF New riders course and find out if
    you're even going to like it.

    Don't buy a Sport Bike of any type for first scoot , you *are* going to drop it , and
    dropping a Sport Bike will break plastic.

    You received great advice " buy an enduro" i.e a Dual Purpose bike , eminently
    crashable and tough , the type of non threatening and forgiving power characteristics
    a newbie really needs , most are as reliable as a hammer , and they are endlessly
    modifiable should you feel so inclined.

    And don't even consider a *serious* sport bike , it's very likely that *no* car you
    have ever driven or ridden in has prepared for the sheer violence of modern sport
    bikes , and yes this does include the 600s.

    Buy cheap for your first scoot , cheao enough that if you should inadvertently wad
    it into a ball you are not going to cry about it , plan on spending quite likely as much
    money on riding gear as on a first bike , good gear will serve you for years and years
    and when you fall , and you will have a minor fall or two , well then it WILL seem like
    money well spent.

    And yeah I'm a bike nut too , not just cars. be sensible and save the sport bikes
    and new scoots for after you've got some experience under your belt. Some time
    riding in the dirt if you have any access to a dirt bike and a venue will help you

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