So Im talking to my dad soon about weed...

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  1. I have been caught a couple times by my dad smoking weed. He usually just yells at me, takes whatever weed I have, and gives me some long talk about how bad it is for me. That was about it. But today he sent me this e-mail that was like 5 paragraphs long about how he thinks weed is taking over my life and all I care about is being high and shit.. Saying I am not the fun person I used to be. The only reason I havent been so connected with my dad lately is he is always yelling at me for something even though it is summer. I will skateboard all day and be tired and when I get home he will get all pissed and be like "WHY ARE YOUR EYES SO RED?".. Yeah. you can see why I havent been the same with him lately as I used to be.
    So anyway, He said in the e mail that he wants to talk to me soon about my side on all of this. I think I am going to tell him this, that I am not a complete stoner that smokes all day long every day, I just like weed and do it every now and then. I will be moving out soon and when that happens I will just go back to smoking anyways so it is kind of pointless to stop me right now. And that I won't let if affect my grades, me getting a job, etc. Also it wont affect how we are with each other anymore because if hes understanding about me smoking he wont be all nosy and pissed all the time. Do you think this will work??? Or is he just going to blow off my opinion and say I need to quit..

  2. So, you're living in his house, smoking weed even though he doesn't want you to, and yet you seem confused as to why he's mad and nosy.
  3. His House his rules!
  4. Yeah he's pissed because he's put a roof over your head and I'm guessing he's supporting you too since you said weed won't effect you getting a job, and you're still disobeying him. If you're moving out soon and you're not a "complete stoner" you should have no problem stopping untill you move out.

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  5. As long as you're living in your dad's house, you have to abide by his rules. I know it seems like you're being persecuted, but think of it from his perspective.
  6. Growing pains he is losing the little you.

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  7. If you show him you understand and respect his opinion, and tell him your own opinion in a respectful manner. He should at least be more okay with it.
    I highly suggest you stay calm when talking to him. Avoid getting defensive, yelling, or arguing.
    If you need any articles or what not to show him proof, I have heard granny Storm Crow has some good ones.
    Good luck :smoke: 
  8. Yeah OP, have to agree with everyone on this, it's his house his rules. However your dad doesn't need to be so overkill about you smoking.
  9. See the bottom of my sig? Send me an email and I will send you back all kinds of goodies like these-
    When Your Kid Smokes Pot       (news – 2008)
    Teen Pot Smoking Won't Lead to Other Drugs as Adults        (news - 2010)
    Merck Manual - Marijuana (Cannabis)       (excerpt - 2008)
    Study of 4000 indicates marijuana discourages use of hard drugs.     (news – 2008)
    Knowing the facts is your best bet!
  10. give him your position like you statedOP and let him decide...
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    Man up.  Treat him with respect while you suck off his money tit (house food etc).  When you leave and start to make it, maybe you will realize a few things.
  12. Just bring a blunt and say here's my side.
  13. While I do agree that his house means his rules, the reasoning behind his rule might be very flawed.

    It's possible that he's so uptight about you smoking because he's uneducated or misinformed about the "dangers" of cannabis.

    If that's the case, I'd say to show him the articles granny posted.

    Back when I was about 16 I tried doing the same thing, convincing my dad it wasn't that bad (he's a cop, so of course it didn't work).

    But best of luck to ya bro. Can't really say no to science
  14. I feel you on this one man. My dad found my stuff for the first time a couple months ago. He was hella upset.  I tried to educate him on it so he would have some legit information instead of just propaganda.  He didn't really listen but lately I feel as he is growing used to the fact that I smoke, as it is not affecting me in any negative ways.  He still gets upset if he catches me smoking (I'm not nearly as sneaky any more since the secret is out) so I try to smoke when theres less chance of him comin to talk to me, like at night.
    Since he has offered to hear your side of the story, I HIGHLY recommend sitting down and watching the documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, along with whatever you had planned to say.  I get the feeling your dad is in the same boat as mine, very misinformed.  Maybe seeing some doctors and other professionals speak positively about marijuana will open up his eyes.  The documentary is on Netflix instant. 
    Good luck and post back with an update man.
  15. High 5 to you for taking the initive. It does not matter how he reacts. It matters that you stand your ground on the weed smoking. Let him know that you don't want this to come between the two of you as father and son. Then tell him that it's his move. If he reacts negativly, then thats on him. You are doing the right thing for the right reason.
      When i caught my son experimenting with inhalants at the age of 17, I sat his ass right down and stuck a joint in his mouth. He and I had a loonnnng talk about drugs and we bonded like never before. Today he is 22 and doesn't even care about weed or drugs anymore. He is on a health kick now, lifting weights and eating weight gain supplements. Good luck to you.
  16. There's alot offff

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