single now..and not sure if i like it.

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  1. bliss and i broke up a month ago..its been really hard on me..since it was my fault she left me..we were addicted to some hard shit..and i lied about some things..drug related she couldnt trust me anymore..but it really made me mad..cause i thought we had enough love and commitment to see anything through..specially the shittiness of addiction..

    anyway..i want her back alot..but she has already moved on to someone sucks..

    im back in arkansas..and ive already tried getting back into the single scene..getting my life together..that kinda thing..

    tried hooking up with this girl..really hot and all..but i could hardly get thru it..i had to think about bliss the entire time..

    any tips as far as getting over the love of your life? i my mind she was a once in a lifetime relationship..ill be that jackass in the bar bitching about the one that got away..

    but at the same not sure if i wanna kill my love for her..cause who can predict the future..but she hurt me..i hurt her..and im down for forgiveness..but it takes two to tango..

    fuck i hate myself..
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