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So im new

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by elykyle, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Im confused on the actual smoking of marijuana. Like on some pictures I see this:

    and then I see this


    I mean technically you can smoke every part of the plant right? Do people just take off the leafs and grind them? But then I see people with nugs and some of the plant picture dont seem to have them, they just seem to have leafs. Im kind of confused.. The second picture looks kinda weird and I would be confused on what you could smoke. And my second question is: do all the plants have seeds and stems? And sometimes when I smoke with my friends and we are seperating the seeds and stems there are these little pieces that are hard but dont seem to be seeds?..? Anyways the help would be great thx.
  2. u smoke the buds of the plants.
  3. bud is what?
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  5. In the second picture, The main part you see in the middle is the 'bud' (or cola but thats more referenced when growing so dont worry about it.)

    But you take that off the plant, Trim off most the leaves and smoke the 'bud'.

    The leaves have very little 'THC' or other chemicals that get you high.

    Ive smoked straight leaves before when ive done grows back in the day and its something id never do again. Tastes horrible. No buzz. Jus overall shitty.

    You can get 'buds' that are more broken up already when you buy it, Its known as shake.

    You can get 'buds' that look close to the 2nd pictures but not on a live plant, And smaller and well jus take a look in recrecational marijuana use, The forum under this, And you'll see plenty of 'buds'. Most those are 'dank' or really good weed which is going to be really exspensive.

    If your starting out id jus go with some rego's (regular) weed and jus be aight with it.

    Hopefully i make a lil sense, Im stoned as fuck.
  6. the second picture is what you smoke. cut off the leaves and that big middle part with all the hairs and what not makes the bud.

    of course, it is dried or "cured" before you smoke it. so it will shrink quite a bit since all the water gets depleted, and in the end that second plant would look like one big, thick, long nug.
  7. Think of an cherry tree. There are leaves and there are sweet beautiful cherries. You don't eat the leaves (god no, they have cyanide in them ya know, shit kills horses on ranches it's a real prob) you eat the cherries.
  8. oh ok I kind of understand now. Can anyone answer my second question, and why doesnt the first pic have bud on it?

  9. Its in growing stage. Not flowering stage.
  10. that is more towards the base of the plant. not all are heavaly budded like the second picture.

  11. because marijuana plants only "bud" in the right season. basically, there's two stages to a marijuana plants growth.

    1. vegetative- this is where the plant grows from seed to adult. it wont have bud, itll just look like the first picture. just stems and leaves. this occurs during spring/summertime.

    2. flowering ("budding)- once the plant grows trhough its vegetative state, it will stop growing and start budding. budding usually takes about 2 months, the second picture you posted looks like its finished budding. this occurs during the fall.

    once the plant is done budding, it is harvested. also note that male plants do not bud, only females do, which is why only female plants are smokeable.
  12. The bud is what you smoke - technically the flower of the plant :) However the leaf is the symbol of marijuana. You wear it on t-shirts, see it on posters, so that picture shows the symbol, for whatever reason. You don't usually smoke the leaves, though you can roll a blunt in one :)
  13. hey shame in questions...u learn by doing...soooooooo go out there and smoke some happy trees!! :smoke:
  14. you should learn it all from this video [ame=""]YouTube - how i trim[/ame]

    you remove the leaves after the plant is harvested, then you dry all the hairs you see in the middle on pic 2, then you smoke it.......

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