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So im new to this stuff

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TobaccoBongPro, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. #1 TobaccoBongPro, Aug 1, 2011
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    Ok, so im not smoking actual weed yet, but i made my 1st bong today, and smoked tobacco with it, i made a marker pipe and a bottle bong, but im gonna post a video of my pipe... soon video will be up

  2. just go get a glass bong or pipe from a smokeshop bro. when you start smoking bud you will get a way better smoke than inhaling from that plastic markers and shitt. on the real.
  3. I suggest making a gravity bong. They are a very efficient way of smoking. Also you should go to your local headshop and pick up a $10-20 spoon or chillum.

    Oh and don't smoke out of foil or copper. Be very careful with plastic, make sure that you are not burning the plastic when you are smoking.

    Welcome to the city and to the world of cannabis.
  4. I don't even know where to
  5. i don't get it
  6. Don't buy weed by yourself the first few times, you'll get ripped off. Try to avoid smoking any metal, unless it's a metal pipe from a smoke shop or something. Stash lighters, stock up. Nothin worse than packing a bowl and having nothing to light it with. Wait until your body gets used to it before you smoke at work or school. Don't expect people to smoke you out all the time without returning the favor. When sneaking a smoke inside, no joints, they let off too much smoke. Have fun, be safe, don't get caught.
  7. Just checked out your pipe... no es bueno.
  8. i suggest inhaling

    nvm thought that was weed

  9. The whole point, im all into these bongs n weed pipes now, might be leading up to smoking weed, i dont even know im just here to talk to u guys about what i like
  10. You should just write the word "cancer" across that pipe bro, lol.

    Glass, papers, and metal approved for smoking off of are your safest bets. My advice is to not use that thing anymore... at all.

    EDIT: You came to the wrong place to discuss tobacco. I'm not going to be a dick, but myself, and most of the other users here don't like it. You'll probably be flamed, especially with your video of you smoking tobacco out of a magic marker.
  11. too funny, now put some weed it that thing and then then when the smoke enters your lungs...breath more air in like more and more and more push the bitch smoke right down into your mother fucking lungs where it scrapes the bottom of the monkey bARrrel

  12. If your only leading up to smoking weed why are you on a weed smoking forum. And why are you smoking tobacco out of a pen and posting the video on a forum about marijuana
  13. never delete or move this thread, idk why its maybe cuz im really really fucked but its so funny
  14. How old are you, and what's that you used for the bowl for the pipe?

    Don't smoke tobacco in them..
  15. there's so many things wrong with this... how is that not obvious?

    you're smoking for the wrong reasons son... it's not that cool
  16. youngins.
  17. Did anyone else notice how he coughs when he accidentally inhales the smoke? Dude, You're gonna fuckin choke to death if you take a hit of dank out of that thing if that tobacco makes you cough...
  18. #19 BurnAFewDown, Aug 2, 2011
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    Actually tobacco hits harder, especially outa a bong. Ever hit a mole? (weed, tobacco bowl) hits harder than normal weed
  19. I dunno... I was under the impression he's most likely using tobacco out of a cig, and that hits pretty smooth compared to weed...

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