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So I'm like........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. .....doin' without weed for de last couple o' weeks and I was kinda thinkin with this weekend and all that that implies that I really needed to get me some, cause it fills in the time so much better when ya don't have to be nowhere or do anything that you damn well don't want to but your regular hook-up is having a hard time coming up with anything so you go back to a old hook up and he sez' "Yeah I can fix you up" but you find out it's gonna cost about twice what it does usually and you're real suspicious and ya don't really want to lay down that much green because when ya do you inflate the market and pretty soon everybody is wantin that much dough for a bag but in the end you've been a good boy for two weeks and you got a little extra mad money so what the hell you go for it and while your talkin to your your man he slips you a little roach and say's this is what it is I'll be by with some later and you come home the back way and hit it two times and just start drivin slower.......... and slower.........and slower........just enjoyin the world,..................seems like a nice evening............and a little later on he stops by and even though it costs more it's a damn healthy lookin little sack and you sit down and twist one to smoke with yer dude but he sez "Nah man I gotta drive" and you call him a sissy and he says you don't realize what your playing with there and you don't believe him and fire one up any way and after about two hits you start to notice things like you did'nt notice them birds are staring at you...........and they seem to know that you're stoned and they're making some kind of plan......and they have that Hitchcockian look about you go inside and turn on the 'puter and sit down and all of a sudden the whole world shows up at your door, some welcome, some just merely acceptable, but really your so damn high you could'nt carry on a decent conversation anyway so you go get a bag of cookies (keeblers, cause I got elves) and at the risk of being rude walk in amongst the company and start tearing up some munchage and then decide that if these people are going to stay in your house then they have to eat cookies too and then you make a little two year girl cry because you can be a pretty scary dude when you're trying to make someone take a cookie so to punish myself I go outside but I don't stay very long because the first human case of the WEST NILE VIRUS in the state has been confirmed just down the highway from you and I typed that in CAPS because the media is just screaming with this shit and I don't really like the idea of killer mosquitos in the air and the birds are looking at me that way again so I come back in, by now everyone has gotten what they were after and went on there way.

    All my gotta do's are outta the way.

    The girls just got lost in that MTV hit "Sorority Life". I had to leave the room before I tossed my cookies...........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......I did'nt even see that one coming.

    So to be brief:

    I got me a good sack.

    I got the next 3 days off.

    I don't gotta do nuthin I don't wanna.

    And I'm really stoned right now.

    Yep, life is pretty good.

    And you?
  2. Sounds like you have things going your way smokie! You'd better share that with the misses or she'll have you doing house work.

    Gotta work tommorrow and then i'm off for two days and i'm going to get so stoned. The ex is taking care of the little one. I will enjoy this customised weed that I have.

    My weed says smoke me and i'll take you to a far away place where only the few will ever know. Gotta be some good shit!

    Have a good'un this long week end my friend!
  3. smokinokie i love you and your stories... this took me away to a place i love to be... deep inside the mind! :D

    i too have a phat sack that was actually way cheaper than it should have been (lucky there), and have nothing to do this weekend but enjoy it, and the beauties of the realms of my brain that marijuana opens to me...

    and there's this really crazy hyped up "documentary" on MTV about weed on right now, i am choosing to giggle insanely about it instead of taking serena whoever seriously.

    and that sorority life, is sooo like how my college was and i wasn't even IN a fuckin sorority. no wonder i never graduated ;)

  4. damn ganja i was watchin that breaking it down with serena documentary when it was on too...funny becuz while i was watchin that i also got a fat sack for less then i usually would pay. you see the blueberry and other shit that mark emery guy had???? he held that nug out on camera and said it went for 7k a pound
  5. yeah i've seen it before... phishhead says they were featuring one of the local clubs he's been to a few times (!!).. and it's not as lenient as it seems like it to get in... i think they had some underlying messages with that production, what a shame.

    Thanx my man!

    Do y'all have Labor Day in Oz?

    I think it's rather ironic that I'm off work for Labor day.

    But I ain't askin too many questions in case somebody gets wise and tries to make me go back to work!
  7. Don't know where them lil' suckers went. We've had a couple of bonfires since then and I ain't seen nuthin!

    Must be one of the species that hates publicity.
  8. Yeah........where's that story?

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