So Im Just Chillin.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stonergirl-420, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. So yeah i had about 5 bowls earlier tonight with my friend around the campfire i just sniffed 5 mg of oxycontin, i ate 10 mg and about to eat another 10 mg.
    i have to see im feeling preetty good. hows evryone else doin?
  2. God I wish I could sit down and puff on those bowls with you...
  3. yeah man dont you love those nights and you dont think your gonna end up doing anything and then you end up making last minute plans and getting right fucked up'/
  4. those nights are pretty sick. hasn't happened in a while though.

    i like the nights that are all planned out and everything goes as planned and shit is fun as fuck. hasn't happened in a while either. people can't hold their liquor, ya know?
  5. I'm feeling good. Riding down my edibles high from earlier and hitting a bong.

    Had a couple oxycodones too....

    I'm feeling good.

    I need a cigarette.
  6. Hey all, well I popped 2 somas 350mg with about 5 beers. Don't know if it'll hit me hard or not. I'm about 5'2" and 120 lbs. What do you all think? I'm not used to pill popping so I'm still new to this. Opinions welcome
  7. Nice bro, oxycontins haha crazy shit

    And Anton420 youre gonna pass out LMFAO

  8. Lmao thanks for the opinion, well so far so good. I'm just chillin watching superbad and feelin good. Im liking the feeling and wondering why i never tried it b4 haha
    Well see how the rest of the nite goes...ill keep updating :D
  9. xddddddd Somas Ftw

  10. Yea!!! Still feeling good. Not passed out yet, im up to about 7 beers now. Enjoying the nite, hope all of u are too lol :D
  11. Jajajaja I hope you didn't pass out?!?
  12. i ended taking 60 mg last night in total of oxycontin.
    woke up was still feeling it a bit>
    its now around 6 pm. i feel like shit, nausous, energyless etc.
    but overall i think it was a good expereince
    i now have 16 10 mg pills left, they can wait for another rainy day haha
  13. I wish I still had my OC script. I'd always snort a 5 mg pill, smoke a few hits, and snort another 5 mg pill. Got me good and high, and very nicely numbed out. My favorite though was parachuting 7.5 mg's, and then 20-30 min later you smoke and snort 7.3 mg's. Soooo nice.

    I had the 5 mg oxycodone, no tylenol.

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