so im in texas, and it rained today.. and my plants burned.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by RetarrrdedTexas, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. because it rained for like 20 mins, then the sun came out full force...

    i'm so sick of this heat.

    2 branches had already been burning, but were still making new leaves replacing the ones that were burning.. then today... no leaves alive at all on 2 branches.. the other 5 branches are still fine and healthy however, the plant is preflowering.. is there a chance it can heal the two branches that suffered? the stem is already turning brown on top.. should i just remove the burnt branches? or should i let it try to recover? help :(
  2. Backyard or bush? Can you make a sun sail?

  3. i can make a sun sail, i've held off on that idea thinking i would hurt the affected branches had been looking better... until today.

    should i do that? or at least do that temporarily so that it maybe can heal?

    the rest of the plant looks fine, it droops in the extreme heat, but by 6-7pm it's back looking great and healthy (well the strong branches)

    i've been trying to keep it watered very well, and spraying the whole area (it's nestled in some vines, that hide the pot) with water, which makes a noticeable difference in the "feel of the heat" around the area....

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