So Im In NYC...

Discussion in 'General' started by CmMx112, May 15, 2010.

  1. ...And Ive been to the top of the Empire State building, got some true NY pizza, and thats about it... Is there any head shops or weed-friendly places in the city? Only staying till Sunday, so time is running out :(
  2. you can search google maps for headshops
  3. Well, I just know some people might know a couple places that wouldnt charge so damn much. Seems that the advertised shops are a little more pricey. In my expirences anyway.
  4. Its newyork man, everything is pricey. Did you like the pizza?
  5. dude hit up times square,walk around, its fuckin nice out right about now

    try going to the Top Rock attraction,climb to the top and enjoy the views, especially if u have ur gf with u...shit u might b able to smoke one while ur up there

    The Hard Rock Cafe has really good food/live music

    check out Chelsea Piers, really good time, and if u really have the money go on the helicopter tours
  6. Yea, the pizza was bangin. haha. and i just realized weed is decriminalized here. i gots me a J, ima prolly toke up and head to the hard rock cafe. and def. time square. haha.
  7. LMAO, where the fuck are u from??

    jus curious, where'd u get the weed from??
  8. im from va. it sucks weiner.... i was like a block away from time square like 2 hours ago, and i swore i smelt ganja, well i look over, and sure enough, this huge black guys suckin on a J. i almost shit myself... lol. i got an emergency j in my bag, so i might just have to break it out tom. haha
  9. lol people are in masses in times square 24/7 365, ur always going to smell the ganj

    i mean ive smoked it there plenty of times, but of course speed walkin, checkin the scenery;) jus be careful.

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