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  1. Hello....
    Haven't posted in a while...
    So, i'm in china for the next month, amazing place, but more importantly i'm going to be scoring some weed here in the next day or two, I have a friend who lives here who has a hook up, getting pretty excited, I always thought china would be impossible to get weed in but apparently it's really easy and police don't give a shit as it's quite a deeply ingrained part of Chinese culture. Apparently most stuff here is hash, very little good grass from what I hear but that doesn't really matter, hash is better anyway.
    And even more excitingly I hear most stuff here comes over from Nepal, which I visited last year (their hash is better than anything in Amsterdam or the Canadian/Californian bud) so i'm very intrigued
    Will update with pictures etc in a day or two, in the meantime anyone else has any interesting stories about smoking in China?.

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    While I'm Sitting here doing nothing might as well upload a taster picture or two (i'm on my phone so quality/size/orientation might be a bit funky):

    This is the apartment block I'm staying in and some rather interesting food:

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  3. Interesting, what are you doing there work? I'm on a boat atm or else i would try to add to the thread.

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  4. I'm staying with a Chinese family, they're giving me and my girlfriend free accomodation, food, travel, cigarettes, alcohol, literally everything we could desire I'm exchange for teaching his cute 11 year old Chinese son English for an hour a day. Only been here for a week so far but it's been pretty amazing. Host is such a legend, drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney. And this way of seeing a city is so much nicer that staying in a hostel or hotel and doing the standard touristy stuff, get a proper local experience in the city, and also get to learn some mandarin in the process.

    Out of interest, How come you're on a boat?
  5. Right on dude, whereabouts in China?

    My buddy just got back from working all over the South China Seas and said China was pretty mad. A story about a night in Shanghai with a heroin dealer, a Vietnamese pimp, 2 russian hookers and a guy from Inverness..

    Anyway, all the best lifting some bud blade, be safe, some sorta Midnight Express situation in China would be horrid.
  6. yeah not a place to wanna score , hows the food?
  7. China Celebrates International Anti-Drugs Day with Executions, Bonfires
    In what has become a macabre annual ritual, China marked the United Nations' International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Sunday by ordering the execution of at least 24 people for drug crimes in one city alone, with five of them meeting their fates immediately, Reuters reported. Meanwhile, according to the official Chinese news agency Xinhua, more than 10,000 people marched from Beijing's Summer Palace, a symbol of China's defeat in the 19th Century's Opi*um Wars, to raise awareness of the drug threat.
    China Defends Executing Drug Offenders
    In the wake of criticism following its customary celebration of UN International Anti-Drugs Day by executing dozens of drug offenders, the Chinese government has defended its frequent use of the death penalty against traffickers as it cracks down on drug use. A top Chinese anti-drug official said the executions were both popular and necessary, the Associated Press reported. 
    "The Chinese masses applaud giving the death penalty to drug traffickers," said Yang Fengrui, deputy secretary general of the National Narcotics Control Commission. "Drug trafficking has severe social consequences. It's equal to killing people." While the government hopes to "rehabilitate" drug users so they can "return to society," Yang elaborated, it is fully prepared to enact "severe punishment" for criminals.
    Maybe you should consider the consequences.  I've heard from Chinese nationals that law enforcement is as fickle as the wind.  Some officials turn a blind eye while others like to make examples of offenders.  Usually with the death penalty.  
    Six more drug offenders were executed just this last June.   

    Be careful and stay safe.   You do realize that China monitors all internet activity, don't you?   
  8. Yea.. i wonder what ever happened to OP.
    Any way Since this is a China thread, Any blades got any stories/experiences of being in China?
  9. OP got executed
  10. OP still alive, completely forgot about this thread, can't find the pictures right now but i'll have a hunt in a bit.
    I also heard about the death penalty thing from the guy who hooked me up,and fuck picking up from randomers on the street but we were in a private apartment so itwasn't too scary.
  11. oh man had no idea about how strict their drug laws are.
  12. makes you happy to be an american.

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