so im going to get high

Discussion in 'General' started by strongblackman, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. and play manopoly on xbox 360 with one of my friends what you doing with your day
  2. Go to class, smoke, go eat dinner, go to party, and if I can't hook up w/ a chick smoke some more.
  3. Smoke this spoon, go G-shoping, go to subway for dinner, come home unload car , put away food, smoke another spoon hop back on GC
  4. wow your going to do shit with your life good for you I woke up at 230 and I am going to play monopoly all day
  5. Well, in about an hour, I'm going to be smoking about an ounce with 8 of my buddies while driving around quads on 200 acres of trails. :D

    Going to be awesome
  6. sounds cool but I dont think you understood im going to be playing monoploy
  7. Sounds cool almost naked black man, but I dont think YOU understood. I'm going to be doing something other than sitting in a room all day playing a board game on a video game system.

    Lets see, riding quads/ dirt bikes on 200 acres of trails and smoking face the entire time...


    Sit in a room and play monopoly on xbox... HMMMMMMMMMMMM
  8. yeah i can't play monopoly stoned for more than 5 minutes.
  9. laying in my bed or sitting in my computer chair. im sick. :( at least i can get high tho.

    i wish i had a fuckn xbox

  10. sounds pretty lame compared to my day I hope I land on boardwalk you know its worth the most
  11. Alright you made me laugh. But I cant stand that avatar, so I'm done with your trolling.

    Have fun with monopoly!
  12. I work hard to have a tone body like this
  13. Some of my friends invited me to go out drinking with them, I'm going to hang with this really pretty girl instead.

  14. sounds real lame compared to my day im mean itsMANOPOLYfor gods sake
  15. I'll be smokin and bangin some hoes..

    I'd rather be playin monopoly though
  16. lol this thread made me laugh. why did you spell monopoly different each time? :eek:
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    ummm ok.
  18. yeah i just noticed that... why are you spelling it "man"opoly?

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