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So I'm getting my girlfriend to smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Link3265, May 29, 2009.

  1. Finally after dating for like a year she's finally into trying weed. What's your advice to make her first time so awesome that she will want to do it more.
  2. Not too much you can do there, except make sure shes comfortable and doesn't trip out bad I guess. It's either shes going to like it and do it again or she wont
  3. Just let her know that everything will be fine, no matter what she wants to think. And just be confident and act your normal self when you two are high. She will be experiencing something new so she will look to you to provide reassurance that everything will be alright.
  4. such a good explanation on what to do in this situation. +rep

    maybe if shes diggin it (not trippin out or anything weird), put something funny.. family guy is always good high :smoking:

    also make sure she doesnt smoke too much! realize your tolerance is much higher than hers. so if your still smokin to get high, dont let her keep smoking. let her take 2 hits and see how shes doing in 10 minutes.
  5. Like stated she cant smoke as much as you & also make sure she knows some facts bout marijuana. Let her no that its impossible to die & a lil bit of what to expect. Have some food & water ready for cottonmouth.

    Then watch something funny, make out, & maybe even fuck her (if y'all are into that)
  6. I dunno a minibong usually makes people really enjoy it.
  7. My gf always smokes with me, but last night me and a few of my buddies were sitting upstairs smoking the bong, and she tried it. It was pretty hilarious, but an improvement in her smoking!
  8. Fuck her after man, she'll love it.
  9. WHAT TO DO: smoke with her while playing classic smoking music like bob marley or grateful dead, and just go outside and have some outdoor lovin'
    WHAT NOT TO DO: play pink floyd, that 'On the Run' song which is scary as HELL, and put a fucking gong to her ears and then convince her that her ears are bleeding. yeah, my first time sucked.
  10. damn man, i love pink floyd, their shit would be awesome the first time IMO :smoking:

    but in all seriousness, you should turn on music she likes, and she will have a great time listening to it high, it'll be like hearing it for the first time again :)
  11. Make her comfortable.
    Don't have it too dark in the room, and put on some chill music.
    Hold her close if she gets scared.
    Don't be too gone, cause she may need you.
    Make her food if she greens/get her to brush her teeth.
    Make sure she has some food and water.
  12. Smoke her up with some gentle purple kush and treat her to a chocolate dessert, then eat her out. What could be better for her first time smoking weed?
  13. #13 ForYouBlue, Jun 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 18, 2009
    1. Do it somewhere she feels completely safe (nothing can ruin the experience like paranoia can!)
    2. Put on music she likes
    3. Smoke the best bud you've got (yes, it makes a difference), but keep in mind that two to three hits are probably enough for her to start with
    4. Have a cold bottle of water or soda at the ready
    5. Either grab some excellent prepared food before you smoke, or be willing to get off your stoned ass to make her some (if she's high and munchin' out, she'll fucking LOVE you for this)
    6. Watch a funny TV show or movie that she likes
    7. Be available. For anything.

    Have fun man!

    Edit: Listen to ExpandUrMind. Weed+chocolate+oral=one VERY happy girl.
  14. smoke out of a bowl
    girls like that shit
  15. I don't think anyone realizes this topic was posted over two weeks ago.
  16. just relax...not cuts or anything no paranoia.
    be safe.
  17. Make sure you do something fun and not just sit there. That's what'll make her like it
  18. Also, might wanna be prepared for the fact that she might not get high first time.
  19. make her hit a bong of good, not great, nugget. every1 i no who didnt get high the first time smoked mids outa a joint/blunt

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