So I'm getting a bong, how does this one look?

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  1. Been away from the culture for a while due to a 3 stint and while that happened they confiscated all of my bongs. My daily driver was the bent neck sovereignty peyote pillar but I had some other ones that I liked because they were shorted. The other ones were not in the same class as the pillar but they still got used.

    I don't smoke as much anymore, but the few times I do, I'd like to do it in style:) I got my eyes on one, but I haven't seen anything about it mentioned anywhere so figured I would ask you guys what you think. I'm looking at the Leisure Glass - Swiss Tree Incycler Rig, think it looks wonderful and that it might be very functional.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Make the buy or look for something else?

    Thank you
  2. That's a sweetie for sure!
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  3. kind of looks like it might be hard to clean otherwise it looks pretty cool.
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  4. I'd go for it. Almost looks like an oil rig too.
  5. I'd keep looking if you're going to be smoking flower only, that's more of a dab rig. It will get pretty dirty really fast and not provide the best hits when smoking flower. Looks cool, but those are meant more for oil.
  6. Thank you for the input you all, much appreciated.

    I was thinking the same but since it said oil and flower on the page so thought it might work.

    Then again, since I don't smoke as much, maybe its time to switch to oil only:)? Used to smoke quite a bit of shatter, but in my country, it is not a easy thing to get a hold of. Used to make my own when I had a little bit more quantity but I can't see myself sitting with vacuum and butane again.

    May I ask for some recommendations for a flower rig. What should I think of? I want a rig that as short as possible to be comfortable in the sofa. Also obviously it being short, I'm not looking to get those big rips.

    Best regards
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  7. I have smoked tons of ganja through rigs like that. Aside from needing to clean it often it will hit just fine. They all do aside from a few very specific examples.
  8. I think a single showehead or disc perc bubbler is a great flower rig. a piece like that will give you smooth small rips with good flavor. smoke doesn't get as stale in a small piece, so it will be easier on your lungs than a big bong.
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  9. Now thats a beauty

    but for one minute

    just think how its gonna look in a week

    and how you may clean that babe..?

    Thats the one that got me with my monster

    good luck
  10. Cleaning is a real issue it seems, but it might not be as big of a problem if I smoke like once a month.

    I'm inclined to like the herb a little bit too much so I need to stay away from it to deal with my life:) A lot of things to catch up on.

    Thanks yet again for bringing possible issues up.
  11. As far as bongs go, simple is best. Thick glass, no more then 18 or 20 inches tall, no percs, a good bowl. Those work the best in my opinion.
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  12. Nice bong but I don't think you need all that stuff . 20 inch tube a carb hole a screen and you're good. If you don't want it to be harsh have a glass of milk before smoking
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  13. I think you want something that will give you the most from your flower, this will not. It will get clogged really quick and not provide the same hit as a normal flower piece. But if you're only packing one bowl a day I'd say go for it. I wouldn't suggest switching to just oil since you say you do t smoke often, even a small dab will put you on your ass. I'd suggest something from grav labs, they make medium to small sized bongs and are excellent quality

    That's a nice piece, but I've been there and done that. They get clogged right away, and doesn't provide the same hit as my equally sized bong if I try to pack it with flower. But if you only plan on hitting once every blue moon, go for it !
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  14. Looks sweet, sure it smokes great.. but I have a few pieces that smoke amazing but if they get dirty at all good luck getting it out.
  15. I have a great 12' grav labs with a simple downstem, however the diffusion isnt normal, it has about 8 holes that act as the diffusion and I absolutely love it. Super easy to clean and gives me great tasting hits. Downstem gets clogged pretty quick if you suck the bowl through, but if you dont itll stay clean for a decent amount of time. Especially if you dont use it multiple times a day. Id say I clean it every 1-3 weeks depending on usage. I medicate with flower about once or twice a day, maybe an 1/8 a week, i dont smoke often/much either. OB out, peace

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