So Im Flippin' Channels...

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  1. So Im Flippin' Channels...
    And I get on some show on Starz or something; its like an older woman, like in her 30's and some hairy dude, and they're goin' at it. So I'm looking at her face and I say to myself "man you can totally tell she's faking it (cause sometimes I talk out loud to myself, especially when Im blazed...And I was/am blazed :smoking:). And Im like it just seems different the way she does it and the way the girls Ive been with do it. Now Im not sayin Ive been with alot of girls or Im some crazy potent stud that can make girls "finish" just by talking, but I can totally tell when a girl is faking it especially in porn.

    Anyways back to George Lopez now.
    Just felt like seeing what GC's thoughts on this was
  2. of course, i just saw one today where this girl had this same annoying scream and it was so obvious that she was faking.

    and suuure u were "flippin the channels" haha:p
  3. Nah man I swear
  4. when you're fakin it, you're just hurtin yourself in the end

  5. haha word i dont see why a girl would fake it when most guys would do whatever they could to get her off....
  6. Haha, Ive actually done it quite a few times. Theres two or 3 HBO channels in like the 750s that are right between normal programming and at night theres often porn on them. Theres definetly been some awkward moments flipping through the channels with family.

  7. one word:MONEY

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