So I'm finally trying to quit/cut down on the weed, what do you guys think?

Discussion in 'General' started by Richy, May 9, 2011.

  1. This is my first time posting on this particular forum so please tolerate me as much as possible guys. If I break any forum rules or misplace a topic please let me know so I can take note for future posts.

    I wouldn't say I want to quit/cut down on the weed, I just feel I have to for my future. I used to believe I've only been smoking weed and cigarettes for a couple of years, but looking back at it I started at thirteen or fourteen and I'm eighteen now. I passed high school with all my GCSEs (somehow), went to college for A levels and then quit after four months. Now I'm studying a BTEC and found I could smoke weed at the same time because it's ridiculously easy! I mean I can go to lesson stoned off my nut and still complete assignments with top grades.

    Now the main problem is I have a new job so I therefore have the money to buy weed more regularly and less time to smoke it. The past month I have had college off for Easter holidays in which I have been high most of the time. Unfortunately I have really severe sleeping problems as I always feel I cannot get comfortable within my bed, one minute I'm too cold and the next I'm too hot. I usually smoke weed at the end of the day to help my body become more relaxed as without weed past 9.00pm my mind suddenly wakes up a bit and I cannot get comfortable.

    At present time I have to juggle college and two jobs in which the weed is literally making me less motivated as I just want to sit on my arse all day. I also feel like people can tell I smoke it just by looking at me because literally the Friday which just went I was out drinking, a girl took one look at me, smiled and asked if I had any rizzla (like she knew I would). I had a lot more female attention when I didn't smoke weed, maybe because I was more willing to talk to girls. Now I feel I'm anxious talking to girls because I don't want to get rejected, which is quite a new feeling for me. I'm quite muscular and I get a feeling weed is keeping me slimmer then I could be, I obviously hold no evidence but it's a gut feeling. I also feel I overload on the food when I'm high and wake up with belly aches which aren't caused by the weed, but the amount of food in my stomach. When I'm not high I struggle to eat as much and I really don't want to loose weight as I go gym and I'm very ripped and would only want to gain weight.

    Now my biggest problem is that when I know I have a fat spliff waiting to be smoked at my house, it almost makes me happier. When I have days when there is no weed at my place, I usually feel more depressed during the day. I really hate this and need to overcome this feeling!

    So basically my questions are:
    -\tShould I quit or cut down? (baring in mind I love to get high, but maybe too much)
    -\tAre there any ways to avoid losing my appetite?
    -\tHow do I get over the boredom?
    -\tHow can I help to forget about having a joint at the end of the day?
    -\tHow can I fall asleep easier?

    Thanks guys

    (Btw I am not trying to say weed is bad, it is natural, beautiful and should be legalized, but I feel I may have abused it a little?)
  2. Do what you gotta do to get by. Sure weed is not physically toxic and cant kill you, but it is addictive no matter what these people say. It also has effects on your way of thinking and motivation. If you want a good job and things like that you should quit.

    I have cut back a lot since i started about 6 years ago. At one point i was smoking $30+ a day from the time i woke to the time i went to bed, now i smoke maybe an eigth a week and i only smoke at night. Like i said, do what you feel you gotta do.
  3. almost exactly how i did it...

    just do what you gotta do throughout the day and smoke at night time when your relaxing/watching tv before you go to bed. that way it wont interfere with anything and you can still have fun/sleep well.

    oh yeah don't go crazy with the munchies man your gonna hurt urself haha:smoke:
  4. Thats how you gota do it bro.
  5. Haha yeah hows BTEC going? almost wished I did that at my sixth form cos all the guys just chilled all day really.

    And yeah mate, I'm in a pretty much identical situation I feel, except in my first year at uni. I'm looking forward to starting my job at the end of this semester, cos its only when I don't have a busy schedule that i smoke weed all day and it fucks with me.

    Basically what I've concluded is that keeping busy is the only way to really limit your weed intake, unless you have far more will-power than me.

  6. 1. Cut down, if you then feel like quitting then do it.
    2. Cut down, it'll come back, your body needs food and you don't sound too stupid that you'll stop eating all together. Eat stuff that is good for your digestion - figs, spinach, seeds.
    3. Learn to Juggle - seriously.
    4. Learn to Juggle
    5. Join a gym and do a small work out in the evenings.

    You're welcome.
  7. Cut down feels great I smoke 2x a day on week days then much as I want on weekends...
  8. Just to let you guys know I do already go to the gym, but that is usually during the day when I don't smoke much anyway. Also to update, I failed the first day I tried to quit because a friend offered me some blue cheese and I had a long stressful day, so I smoked up haha.

    The BTEC is insanely easy, I'm literally doing assignments within hours which people are taking days to do. When you compare BTEC to A levels which I did the year before, there is a significant difference in the difficulty level and time you have to put in to studies. I'm the biggest stoner in the class and still remain the smartest :smoke:

    I fully understand what you're saying about keeping busy which is very much true, however I find that I'm only kept busy during the day and as soon as I go home at around nine or ten I'm fully awake, bored and craving a joint. The only way to keep busy from there is to play video games, which I personally find more fun when I'm stoned anyway.

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