So I'm changing my last name

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  1. I decided I'm changing my last name. I'm moving across the country next year and I just want a completely new fresh start to everything. I also hate my last name and everybody who ever meets me the first question they ask me is "ARE YOU JEWISH?" NO IM NOT JEWISH, I was raised catholic and now I don't even practice religion. Also I like how my new name sounds a lot better.

    What do you think GC? Bad idea, good idea, doesn't matter? I don't give a fuck though I'm doing it.
  2. What's wrong with being jewish man:cool:
  3. If Ron Artest can go to Metta World Peace, you should have no problem changing your last name
  4. Why not, ochocinco did it.
  5. Just dont be lie Mos Def and change it a million times.. The fucks his new name anyway??

  6. Nothing at all. That's the least of my reasons. I respect jews more than most major religions. My dad is Jewish. I just hate having that god damn question thrown at me by everybody. I also went to a Catholic school and everybody there hated Jews and thought I was Jewish so they hated me without even talking to me. Fuck them though :mad:
  7. Change you're last name to Jane then name your daughter Mary.
  8. Technically I'm not changing it much. I'm throwing out my last name and making my middle name my new last name. So it's not much of a switch for me.
  9. I don't know if I would do that... Your new name could be a good porn name FYI.
  10. change it to notajew

  11. Lmfao you're right.

    Maybe bitches will think I fuck like a pornstar.

    There's also a rapper that goes by my "new name" apparently.
  12. What's your last name op? Stern? Stein? Goldberg? Cohen?

  13. Big Pooh?
  14. But seriously my middle name is a common last name too. So I don't think people would think that. But it does kinda sound like a porn name :lol:

  15. lol I don't really wanna post it here. It's less common than all of those but for some reason every single fucking person on earth thinks "JEWISH" when they hear my last name. if my last name was stern i would definitely have to change it. fucking david stern i hate that man :devious:

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    Man, that is the most boring name I have ever heard. To have it read alone has caused me great disinterest. If you introduced yourself to me as that I would slap your face.

    If you're going to change your name go all out. Give yourself the most balls out awesome name your can think of and live up to it's standard.

  18. Lol sometimes simpler is better IMO.
  19. I want to change my last name to dotcom.
  20. Make your last name Mogwai. I'll posi you

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