So I'm at Gillette Stadium yesterday for the U2 show

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    and the fuckin' fat bitch behind me keeps screaming "put it out!!" every time i lit my blunt. I kept lighting it up every 15 minutes or so for a few tokes, listening to this bitch scream at me. When it went out once, i just turned around and gave her the peace sign while smiling, but she still remained a cunt, enough so that security ended up coming to my section looking for the culprit. Luckily it was out and nothing came of it, but damn, fuck that cunt, and fuck the general audience at a u2 show (primarily lame, 35-45 year old parents who got free tickets from the company they work for). Nobody else cared though, they smelt it, and everyone looked around, found the only kid in the audience (who coincidentally looks like a stoner) and stared me down. Most of the stares were friendly though - a lot of middle aged women just looking at me laughing/smiling... i think they miss smoking weed

    I had one old dude, about 60, infront of me who sparked up and helped plow the way though. Dude was paranoid as fuck, looking around everywhere, and he looked like jack nicholson so it was pretty cool/funny. Either way, it was a good time- if only smoking there were as easy as all the other concerts i've been too

    [edit] good story from last night: stubhub fucked up out tickets - somebody in our exact seats with the exact ticket - so we go to customer service, and the girl offers to upgrade our seats, as long as we signed the "designated driver pledge." So my friend and i sign it, she gives us our tickets which we are stoked about because they are way better, and she goes "here's your new seats, and for the pledge you each get a free keychain and a voucher for a free drink inside the stadium." My friend and i look at eachother, then my friend looks at the girl and goes "I just signed a DD pledge and i can get a free beer now!!??" I thought it was hilarious, but it was just for a soda
  2. People really need to learn to mind their own business :mad:
  3. Man, thats shitty. Reminds me of when i went to a Tradically hip concert a while back, there was a dude behind me smoking a joint, which was not bothering anyone at all. Then a security guard catches whiff of the weed. Now this goof decides to start flashing people in the face with his fucking mag light looking for the culprit, and since the guy was behind me and my buddy we were getting a lot of light. So we yell at the security guard to fuck off and he is being more of a nuisance then the guy trying to chill out and smoke a joint.
    I just don't understand, it's a concert of course people are going to smoke weed.
  4. That sucks dude :( where was the concert? I've never had a toking at concerts around here :D

  5. for real, huh?

    haha, yea, we had the lame security guard come over flashlighting everyone, and yelling at a guy for "video taping" aka having his cell phone out

    The concert was at gillette stadium, where the patriots play. and never had a concert toke? man you gotta get on that! lol. Last school year i rolled a joint inside the moshpit in our arena at a slightly stoopid/roots concert... amazing. I can't even tell you how much i smoked at rock the bells, not to mention i went to boston hempfest saturday which was amazing. Openly blazing on the street- worst case scenerio = $100 fine.
  6. I went to see the Flaming Lips last month and some douchewad in front of me told someone behind me to put out a joint- and this son of a bitch was drinking a beer at the same time.

    People really need to realize that someone else smoking weed doesn't affect them at all.

  7. yea, bitch who yelled at me had a beer, along with everyone else in the section. They were all a lot more belligerent than the two stoners in the section (my friend and i)
  8. that sucks i hate people that do that shit at concerts. but im not suprised that it happened at a U2 concert. i would def need a joint or 5 to get thru that concert. sorry dont mean to hate but i cant stand U2. haha you shoulda just bought a beer and threw it at her and been like shut up you fat cunt i cant hear the music.

  9. i'm actually not a big U2 fan so i understand where your coming from, but i couldnt pass up an opportunity for a show of this magnitude, especially since i've never seen a superband at a stadium venue. Although i used to hate u2, i've gained a new respect for them, particularly the edge, as a guitarist. Still not a huge fan, but probably the best concert i've been too (and i've been to a lot. I've enjoyed others better, but this was just ridiculous. the stage was massive)
  10. my friend was at that concert and he smokes a good deal. idk if he was blazing there sinsce its indoors, but damn bro thats rough. i hate straight-edged pompous assholes like that

  11. he was at gillette, or just one of the shows on this tour? cuz gillette stadium is outdoors - but yea it was a bummer, if i was in a different section i probably would have been fine, but whatever, i still smoked, and i probably made her feel like an ass when my response to her anger was a friendly smile and the peace sign
  12. haha yeah rep that shit stoners don't need to pull out a fuckin eagle to look cool, they just puff and laugh. (and yeah he was at gilette, i must be wrong about the indoor part)

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