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So im about to pick up and need advice...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joedahoe, May 4, 2011.

  1. so this friend has this guy that only sells fire.
    hes like talk to him for some herb and i did.
    hes got some mango kush that just got clipped and i didnt have cash on me so i said id pick some up and hit him up later.
    ive been smoking for a long time but i used to never buy. my cousin knew the grower and they were like bros so i got it free im talkin blueberry, bubblegum, og kush, ak47, ect..
    anyways prices arent my thing, the dealer said 50 for an eighth and 150 for a half o.
    should i buy or walk away?

    (any price tips for fire would also help, because i only deal in dank:D)

    thanks in advance
  2. if its dank, then i think thats a great deal.
  3. yea thats what my cousin said. but price wise what should prices in south florida and i need to figure out how price goes with dank and its weight.
  4. thats what i pay
  5. Buy an O, if you dont you have failed the marijuana gods.
  6. Yeah, gotta agree with buying an o. Lest yee upset the gawds of ganjatude!
  7. Lucky, up here its 60 eighth 170 for a half
  8. Well I usually get eights for 35 and 100-120 for halfs of dank but that's only because my dealer is my friend. :smoke:
  9. for south florida you are actually getting a good deal
  10. Where i live 50 would be a good deal for some shitty weed
  11. over here in cali you can pick up an o for 150 but of course its way cheaper here. still seems pretty pricey but unless you know a grower directly or through someone your gunna have to pay that middle man mark up
  12. Alright I'ma get an O. But can anyone give me a price list like for example

    1 g. =10

    2g = 20

    1/8 = 50

    Or something like that.

    And what to get blueberry, mango kush, or some ak47 or white widow?
  13. If he said his buds have just been clipped I wouldn't buy from him.

    He's either lying about growing or needs to cure his product first.
  14. No no that's what the grower was doing with him they're brothers they were already done with all that I would know I always watched my cousins friend doing All the fancy stuff lol. So does anyone wanna give me that price guide on fire?
  15. Price of bud is regional, but if you're used to paying 15-20/g for fire/dank than these are solid prices.
  16. Good deal no doubt. And I agree, by the .oz ;)
  17. I just read through a lot of the posts here and can someone clue me into why to buy by the oz?

    Sorry for the inexperienced question, I've just never heard this before. I usually buy an 1/8th at a time, going up to a 1/4th this next time.

    As for the prices I see (in TX, like ppl said it's regional):
    1g: 20
    1/8: 55-60
    1/4: 100-120

    I'm fairly new to my dealer though so no friend discounts or anything, straight street price.
  18. #19 DaCultivator, May 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 4, 2011
    usually, for good erb (or fire, dank, heddies, etc..) in non medical states and often even there,

    375-425+: ounce

    roneous may say it, but he is simply not getting super great herb for 150 a zip unless he knows a grower well or is just geting great strains grown outside. 150 for a zip of dank is not real but is possible for dank strains grown outside.

    Im sure people will now flame and say how they get fire for soo cheap in cali, or wherever, but honestly, great herb can only get so cheap because it is a bitch to grow, dry and cure well. anything under 350 for great herb is a very good price and you should be happy.

    people were likely saying get the O because it would be cheaper in bulk or because the price quote was good if the herb was actually dank and fully dried and preferably cured for a few weeks.
  19. the price is right, get the O because you get more for your money.... get pricebreak for buying in quantity.

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