So im about 90% sure my neighbor is a dealer

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Well iv been skeptical about this. Thinking no way, this is to good to be true.
    This guy always wheres old band tee's, Zepplin, Flloyd, and others. There are always cars parked in front of his house for only 30 to 45 minute intervals. Sometimes young teenagers, sometimes older men/women. Today I saw 2 teens walking out, and one had a Bob Marley shirt on with him smoking weed on the front of it.
    How would I approach this man, and see if its true or not? This would be so ideal for me.

  2. this isnt going to help you, but im curious. what kind of neighbor? old guy? what kind of neighborhood, suburbs or city or what. this jst seems interesting to me.
  3. Next time you see him say, "Wheres all the bud at?" That usually works for me.
  4. Bake him some "special" brownies.

    Hell get the hint.
  5. Its an older close knit community just off downtown. Plenty of culture, its known as the historic part of the city.

    I'd say hes in his early 40s or even late 30s.

  6. I would ask him if he smokes first and see how he reacts
  7. Smoke him up one day! If he accepts, he'll give you his number. If he declines, he's crazy!
  8. Just go over there one day and ask if he wants to puff a blunt with you.
  9. just ask if he has any weed
    or ask him if he wants to smoke
  10. lmao dude .. exact same shit happened to my cuzin .. like i was 14 and he was 15 or something .. i just started smoking weed .... and he had 1 growhouse 3 houses away from him and like a brothel 2 houses away in the other direction
  11. if it were up to me. buy a t shrit that displays smoking weed but isnt ovbious . like i saw one that was like 711but 420 style and only had those numbers on it kinda in the format of 711 . or just start talking to him but be cool and not awkward. and the more you become friends the better it will be for you to find out if he does or not...
  12. Nevermind, just call the cops on him and say that you suspect him of having marijuana plants in his house. Because a lot of people frequent his home, people who don't even live in the neighborhood. If he does get arrested, then...yeah now you know for sure.
  13. ha

    that'll get your answer :p

  14. that wont do anything, they still need a warrant unless the dumbass invites the feds in....
    happened to me countless times when i was younger n slangin dope out the crib. someone gets busted, rats you out, cops investigate, and thats it, ivestigate. its just not enough information for them to really do anything serious... cops knew i was dealing, even knew i picked up a QP a week, and what did they do about it in the end? Nothing. they had nothing.
    if your a true pothead, you'd have no problem walkin up to dude while smokin a blunt and sayin, u wanna hit? if he doesnt, fuck em, continue to smoke your blunt if he does, there ya go.
  15. -Attempt to assassinate the president

    -When asked why you did it, say you wanted to get your neighbor's attention
  16. Let us know if you find out or not man...

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