So I'm about 10-15% done with my first novel

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  1. it doesn't sound like much, but I'm pretty excited. I always knew i was a great writer, but i never thought i'd have the patience or ability to write a novel. I was more an essay/article type writer. Well I'm stoked, and just had to share lol. I got 6,777 words right now and I'm on my 20th page. The story keeps developing more and more in my head and its working out so much better than i initially thought. Not gonna lie, i've been under the influence of some kind of drug for at least 15 pages, a decent amount of adderall. I kind of just quick write - and then re-read and edit, re-read and edit, over and over again.

    It's insanely metaphorical, and is written the way my mind thinks, so it kind of jumps sporadically - Its told mostly from the viewpoint of the main characters experience, and also from the antagonists journal entries. It centers around one event, and each chapter alternates - one being before the main event, the other being after. The whole thing is really a bunch of metaphors within one huge one - i hope my readers (even if its just one) pick up on that. Its fictional, including all the events - but they are metaphorical events that allow me to show my actual (biographical, as the author) views, emotions and mental processes. I think its pretty cool, and i just wanted to share.

    the point:

    -when I was a kid, I never thought I could play a musical instrument. I got a guitar in seventh grade, and can now play several instruments, consider music my passion and consider myself a pretty decent musician.
    -Through highschool and college I always knew I was a great writer but thought i was too ADD or just incapable/not creative enough to write a novel. I thought I could only write essays, articles and that kind of stuff well. Well, being bored as fuck with no job over summer vacation has led me to sit down and start writing a book. It started one night with a random idea that formed a beautiful paragraph. The idea's just started flowing, and here I am about a week(ish), and 20 pages later

    sorry, the point: You set your mind to something, you can do it. You dedicate yourself to it, and you can do it well.
    the other point: don't create threads while on adderall

    hope you all get to read my book someday:D
  2. Soz when youre done youre gonna send me a copy of the book, or atleast tell us the name, correct? :D

    Ill buy your book
  3. i think you can put a PDF copy of your book on for people to download and buy if they like it enough.If not lulu theres some other self-publishing websites that might get you some exposure if your interested.
  4. Thats cool man, congrats, and DJ Chronic, thanks for that info. I might put my script there soon.
  5. I'd tell ya the name now if I had thought of it... seems to be the hardest part! I'll try and set-up some free e-book when its done and i'll give some gc members a password to read it - of course there will be a "donate" button on every page:p

    I'll definitely look into that, thanks a lot! thats one thing i know nothing about - how to get people to read my book. I'm sure theres tons of fantastic books out there that nobody has every read
  6. I know my rep dosent mean much, but +rep for staying creative.

    I'm keeping busy and productive/creative this summer by taking about 3 different photography courses if passed I recieve college credit, I'm also going to buy Photoshop cs3 bible, and just rape it this summer. hopefully I really add to my artistic side with the mentioned.

    +rep for being a productive stoner. addy's while writing, and weed for editing sounds nice. aha
  7. Congratulations man!
    I've always wanted to be a writer, since I was a little kid.
    I just haven't been able to come up with my story yet, so I'm quite patient with it, I'd like to read at least some of it at some point.
    Hell, I'll buy it. :)
    Best of luck, maybe you can get a publicist or something that can get it submitted to some publishers.
    Good vibes.
  8. Idea for a book title, hows about, "read this book or you will transform into a government monkey"

    Thats pretty good right?

    Wait whats the book about again?
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    haha thats seemed to be the way i've been going about it, mostly. A lot of times i'm just stoned though, no other drugs. I've done a lot of sober editing too, because whenever i got nothin to do i just read it over and make changes. I'm runnin out of steam writing today, but i've been goin for about 5 hours so i got a good amount done. I'll probably do some editing tonight. Pass those classes! you'll be glad to have that college credit... and keep just foolin around with photoshop - you'll get better and better.

    thanks for the rep whether its worth anything or not, its the thought that counts lol

    thanks for the kind words - and someday a great story idea is gonna smack you over the head and it'll be one of the best feelings ever

    You know... that actually might work:p - doesn't exactly fit the story line... but like i said, theres a lot of metaphors in the book. But i think I'll get too many "cover judgers" getting the wrong impression from that title... hehe

    The book is about... well... its tough to explain. If i were to tell you what it's truly about... it would give away the not-written-yet ending. There's a lot of hints throughout the book at whats really going on, and the end reveals it. I'm not sure if readers will pick up on it through the hints or not... and im not sure if i want them to or not, so thats something i gotta figure out. I think the hints will kinda just instill a "hmm... i feel some kinda twist coming"

    If you like psychology/the mind, then you'll like the book. It really gets into the characters' minds. I think its gonna be the kind of book that will be a completely different story the second time its read

  10. Thats another thing I'm not sure about. I have a pen name/stage name that i actually really like and its based off of my real name but it'd be tough to pick up on. I'm leaning towards my pen name, because i also plan on being a journalist and even a politician (would use real name for both) if I can get everything to come together the way i want.

    If I ended up being a politician or influencial journalist, my pen name/novels could say and express things i couldnt say as my self. then at some point i could reveal them as the same person, it'd be cool shit.
  11. Pen names are pretty sweet if you ask me.
    I've came up with a couple in my day, just one of the fun things about being a writer, you don't have to be yourself.

    Side note: Is it a contemporary novel, set in the past, near future, etc.?
    Just a thought. :)

  12. contemporary- takes place as/where/when i write it. tho fictional, very biographical/influenced by my life/views. Theres kind of two stories. Starts off with one event, which is the main plot. The chapters that follow alternate between the days before the event, and the days after it
  13. Sounds confusing... I like it!
  14. I started writing a novel for my Creative Writing II class, but didn't finish it completely, and though the class is over I am planning on finishing it and publishing it.

    good luck bro. :]
  15. Dude I envy you. I've always prided myself on the fact that I'm a good writer (one of my very few good traits) but I haven't the patience to go beyond 10 pages. Good for you, man, and once you're done and find a publisher, I will so buy it!
  16. I would like to think I have fairly high reading comprehension, which I believed meant I could write well, I was wrong. The 2 excursions I made into writing both ended with a 15 page story, I guess I just didn't have the imagination to keep it going, nice to hear some people do. Sounds like a pretty interesting story, if you ever publish that shit I would buy it.
  17. that's awesome, dude!
    i had to write a novella for my writer's workshop class a year or two ago, and i really enjoyed that.
    i'm going to play around with that one and/or write a new one this summer.
    had to change/shorten the original idea i had because i waited until the last minute to write it, so i didn't have enough time to go where i wanted with it.
    still turned out decent, though. in fact, you've inspired me to dig it out and read it now. :p

    good luck with the rest of the novel! :) if you ever publish it, i want a copy!
  18. Sounds interesting. Keep it up :D
  19. To all the people who said they aspired to do it but just couldn't... don't get let down. I felt that way literally like, a month ago. I could write short stories, but i just couldnt figure out a way to write an entire novel. I'm very good at getting points across in very few words. But somehow, it kinda just came to me. I got another 5 pages done, but i'm officially cashing in for the night. Its 4:01am!

    While writing today, i realized that this book to me, is what The Wall is to Roger Waters. I'm getting a lot out, even though its fictitious. I'm "tearing down," the wall. I really hope theres some floyd fans here who understand what i mean by that. If nobody does, i'll explain later lol
  20. Great work man, hope the book goes well for you. I'll def. give it a read once its published + Rep :hello:
    I have a similar problem with my creativity. I never got the hang of playing any instrument. I purchased an electric guitar but kind of gave up :( I'll start up again soon. I'm generally not very creative.

    On a more positive note, i've been spending quite a bit of time learning computer aided graphic design recently. And i love cooking so thats another area i try and be creative.

    I absolutely agree with you - once you set your mind to something, you can do it. The main hurdle is really believing that you can do it.

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