So i'm a games journalist now.

Discussion in 'General' started by Barely Insane, May 27, 2010.

  1. So i'm paid to review games that I get for fucking free.


    Grasscity. Post what's making you happy right now. :smoking:
  2. The fact that it's summertime is making me happy :).

    How'd you get that job btw? If you dont mind me asking.
  3. i just took the hugest shit and now i feel like a new man.
  4. i want a job like this:hello:
    and congrats to u for getting one:D
  5. Damn man. I always thought a job like that would be the shit. Did you have to go through any type of college or anything like that?

  6. Yes, I did a graphic design course in college :)

    The company saw some of the stuff I designed and wrote in a local paper and asked me to work for them!

    Thanks !

    I know how you feel brah.
  7. So,is it for a magazine?
  8. Very cool man, that's a stoner's dream job!
  9. How much do you make?
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    Do you have a degree, or did you just stumble across a rare, sweet deal.

    Never mind, I'm a moron.
  11. How the hell do you get a journalist/review job with a graphic design degree?

    I hope this is true because while I still have yet to choose my major, I've been considering Interactive Media Design (which is Graphic Design with web and animation skills).
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    I got fired last week, but I now have two new jobs. One doing marketing, which I have never done before, and one bartending again. :D

    Edit: As of ten minutes ago make that three jobs. Im also teaching flair bartending on weekends :D

  13. Yeah it is ;)

    That would be telling! But seriously, not as much as I thought I was going to get paid.

    Tell me about it! Although sometimes I write stoned, only to return the next day and cringe at a shit ton of poor phrasing and spelling mistakes.

    Because I also layout and design the pages I write. As for scoring a journalist/review job with a graphic design degree:


  14. Id kill to smoke with a bartender marketing specialist flair bartending tutor.

  15. What magazine is it?

  16. I'm afraid you'll have to take my word for it.

    I'm sure you understand that having my name connected through this website and back to my company would result in an instant termination of my employment ;).
  17. haha to the OP, congratz, i just had an interview today for a journalism course at college, went well, maybe i'll be doing this in 4 years time, hopefully...:devious:
  18. im going to school for journalism right now and im worried about getting a steady writing job after college, was it easy to find a sweet job like this? do they pay well?

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