So ilegal but you do it in spite of all ?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by maxcamps, Sep 11, 2002.

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  1. explain me how such a grat number of People living in north america ( US ) smoke marijuana if is so illegal, how do you cope with being afraid, going to jail, being jailed for carrying a roach. having to cope whit police , i simply dont understand it, here in mexico is illegal as well but our police is so scarce stupid and corrupted that is almos nonexistent so we are really free to smoke in our cars, streets, beaches because the surveillance is null, the equipment nonexistent and most of the policemans are busy looking at the girls ass, or starving for a dollar.

    thank you
  2. its like... you buy from a dealer... or thru a freind. not a big deal, right? not too much of a risk if you get to know the dealer a little bit and hes like ur regular dealer.... then its like you smoke it... just dont do it outside in broad daylight. (i have broken tht rule frequently) and u will be fine. the cop cant arrest u for being high, just finish everything when u smoke and u cant be charged with posession. parapinalia, if the policeman deems that is has been used for weed, will be destroyed. but no jail time. so its not that bad, just be discreet
  3. absolutely!! only thing i\'m agraid of is the pigs showin up at my front door and the smell of pot lingering in the air. so i don\'t smoke much in the day. on some days i will but not with my kids here. i get worried they\'ll take my kids. i would freak right out. i don\'t know if they can even do this, but yeah that scares me. i don\'t like to have to much on hand so i buy little bags. i am constantly buying pot. but i have no idea how much is considered trafficing.
  4. Where I live in the US, if you get caught with under an ounce and a half, its only a misdemor so Im not too worried about being caught, but Im not trying to get caught. Besides, our cops are corrupt here also, and since marijuana is gaining popualarity in the US, I really think the cops are just getting tired of having to deal with personal amounts of pot (a la Nevada).
  5. I grow my own but not on my place. I only smoke at home, so it would be a lot harder to be convicted of anything. I don\'t smoke around my kids or other visitors only people I know very well. I hope in the future we can be more free about smoking. I will only do it at my house and never around kids!
  6. okay bud head i have to ask. what does o.f.f.f. stand for?

  7. Old Fried Fuckers & Females

    Originated by critter and true for most of us!!!!!
  8. Up here in toronto we don\'t to much trouble with weed and cops(unless they see you smoking or they smell it). The way me and my friends deal with it is runing, i get away most of the time, but if they catch me i have already ate the evidence :)

    at that point they proceed to go fuck themselves.
  9. lmao!!!! old fried fuckers and females!!!!!!hahahahahaah!!!

  10. I believe Cowboysaxman changed it to Old Fried Females and fellas later. I still like Old Fried Fuckers and Females though!
  11. HIGH All, well up here on The WET Coast we have a different environment I guess!!!!!!!!! My kids know I smoke marijuana...even Woodbug who\'s 7.
    I don\'t hide the fact that I smoke what some Governments say is \"illeagal\". I love living in North America (Canada).

    People who hide in their closets should open the door once in awhile to see what decade they live in...they might be sursprised!!!!!!!!
  12. I don\'t hide the fact that I get high, but I don\'t flaunt it to cops, either. I get high everyday and I do it while living across the street from a cop, but I don\'t sit on my front porch and do it. I do it in the privacy of my own home. I get high elsewhere besides home, of course, but just never on my front porch.

    By the way, according to Amendment IV of the US Constitution....The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. don\'t be so worried about smoke lingering in your house.

    If more people would come out of the closet, then we\'d have a better chance at legalization here in the US. That would be more voices for our cause. You don\'t have to smoke in front of cops to get your point across.
  13. I\'m not in the closet by no means. My kids and most of my relatives know that i smoke. I just don\'t do it in front of them. There are alot law enforcement officers that know that i smoke. They have told me that as long as i do it at home and it doesn\'t cause any problems, they don\'t care.
  14. i just happened to be reading this post and thought about your kid did the brownies go? sure you got a post on it somewhere back...but, i figured a short answer would be fine here...

    ALSO...ive had people ask me this, about being afraid of being caught, no, i dont have a fear of being caught, because i am responsible with the way i do it, i dont go out and put my self in situations that would draw attention to me, or get me caught doing it, the only time i am at risk is when i go buy it, or when i carry it to my friends house to toke, but i am not high then, so my driving isnt funny, and i dont feel like iwould give them a reason to search my vehicle....just use common sense goes a long way :D
  15. i must say fuck em

    if i stand before a judge i will tell him the same
    thing i tell the cops...
    \"do i look like im gonna try and say i dont smoke pot?\"

    by the way my avitar is realy me.....
    with my hair tied up

  16. well said my friend!
  17. if i ever get gonna do the same thng i decided to do to my parents if they caught me

    officer: what the hell are you doing?
    me: smokin pot, ..want some?
    officer: well...why the fuck not *toke....toke*

    thats when people get mad..when ya dont offer em none ;)
  18. great idea!!!!!

    hey your honor want to hit my bong?
  19. if i was a gavel would double as a peace pipe...witha BIG ASS BOWL!

    and then that blind lady would actually get to measure somethin with her scales for once!
  20. can i be your balif?
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