So if marijuana is such a lucrative cash crop...

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  1. ...why don't more people grow it especially and Cali where its legal. I mean, theres alot of money to be had in this business and considering the high rate of return...why aren't there more people (aka everyone) getting in on this?
  2. too much trouble to go through to grow legally, even then you can still get busted by DEA
  3. Being raped in prison is a pretty good deterrent
  4. This

    Tons of people grow in Cali man idk wut u talking about.

    Even if the DEA stopped 1 grow a day we still puting up 4-7 grows a day.
  5. Tring to find a place around my dads house where he is comfortable with building a grow room. Then were all the way hood cause he has his recommendation, lets hope the DEA doesnt get it on this lol
  6. Where'd you hear this? The last I checked cannabis was still illegal around the entire globe. It may be decriminalized in a few states, and a couple of European countries, but it is still illegal. Even states that have passed mmj laws are still breaking federal law, and federal law will always trump state law as long as we let them. That is why more people don't grow.
  7. I thought the DEA doesn't deal with MMJ growers in california because some law Obama made (i know its vague i apologize). With that being said why aren't more people extremely wealthy off this?
  8. Dude MMJ is Still illegal on a federal level. A law is in congress right now for 2012 Cali that legalizes it and makes it that the feds can't come into cali and bust up grows. UNDER 20 PLANT GROWS!!
  9. It doesn't matter what California laws are, once you get big enough to show up on DEA's radar you're fucked.
  10. And the DEA's response was that they didn't care what Obama said, they were going to bust the dispensaries anyway. And believe you me, there are people getting rich off of all this. I get the impression you have a lot of reading to do on this subject. I could recommend some excellent material if you're interested.
  11. Yes thats why this new law in cali is so important cali might be the first state to have it legal fully and keep the shitty dea out.
  12. Isn't Washington St. trying to pass a similar bill as well?

  13. You don't understand, federal supersedes state. Cali can say whatever they want but the DEA can go into whatever state they want. Until it is legal at the FEDERAL level it's all bullshit.
  14. This is a federal law, you should go on over to the legalization section and check out some stuff man can really learn alot on whats going on current. 2011-2012 is gonna be big year for Legalization I said it once and i'l say it again. :hello::hello:
  15. What California's new law will do, where other bills have failed, is it will permit state and local law enforcement to refuse to assist the federal DEA in any way, shape or form. Without state and local law enforcement's help, every expense of every case is dumped into the laps of the federal dogs.

  16. I gotcha, you said "new Cali law" which made me think it was a state level bill. That will be the only hope of getting the DEA out of states' business.
  17. :hello::hello::hello:YEPPPPP :)

  18. Legal in the netherlands...even tho it's irrelevent to your point, just an fyi...
  19. obama ... didn't make a 'law' .... instead he released a letter to the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, stating the gov't wouldn't continue prosecute defendants from raids on legal dispensary. because the admin was saying it wouldn't prosecute it made it a moot point for the DEA to continue to target cali dispensaries.....however, all bets apparently are off as recently the DEA raided a legal grow op in montana just weeks after the state repealed (Feb 2011) its 6 year old medicinal marijuana law.

  20. When has cost ever stopped the Federal government? Free health care? Yes! Budget deficit? Who cares!!

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