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So..If I just take a nug and eat it?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Ragekai, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. What if I just pop a nug (say 2g) in my mouth?

    I always see all these things people do to cook with em it seems like it'd be more effective to just whiff one down..lol.

    I'm pretty new to eating (actually never done it except occasionaly i like to chew a seed or two while breakin up bud
  2. I'm pretty sure it would taste weird and I don't think it really does anything.. Just smoke that bud.
  3. it has to be cooked inorder for you to get high from eating it
  4. Haha I don't know about that. If you have bud to spare it'd be pretty sick if you did it and reported back on the effects :D
    I've heard that it is true that you can get high from just eating straight up bud.
    I've never tried it though. :hello:
  5. i could go into a long confusing explanation that you won't understand and that i don't even understand that well myself, or you could just trust that people smoke/bake their weed for a reason and that eating it raw is rather innefective.
  6. It would do nothing except be a tremendous waste of bud. When people cook with bud the THC is vaporized and absorbed into the fats of the peanut butter or whatever your cooking with. If you eat it regulary you will just have a bad taste in your mouth and realize an hour later that you just wasted 2g's.
  7. samething that happens to a cow when they eat grass
  8. Damn..I thought it'd do somethin.

    I always feel like I get a lil bit of a good buzz just the slightest from chewin a few seeds ..hmm guess it was placebo then.
  9. dude seeds have like no thc in them lol.
  10. I ate some (immature) seeds once, but only because I was too lazy to go flush them down the toilet. Besides, marijuana is the buffalo of plants, you gotta use everything :smoking:
  11. I heard eating the seeds makes yo balls shrink
  12. Is eating it uncooked really that uneffective? How come there's dogs and stuff that get baked off of eating stashes?
  13. do you believe everything you see on tv?????

  14. Of course.

  15. If you eat enough you will feel SOMEthing. When animals get into the weed they usually eat all of it, as opposed to the OP eating 2 grams.
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  17. its only fat soluble, aclohol soluble, and sugar soluble. if you eat it, you are basically throwing in it away.
  18. The fact no one does this should be reason enough not to. Haha smoke it or cook it.

    Though my friends uncle grew herb and eventually became insane (For other reasons) so every night he would drink beer, watch TV and chow down on a big bowl of straight bud, eating it like popcorn. I'm sure in large ammounts like this you'd get some kind of high. Would it be worth it? Not so much.

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