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So if I chop up all my weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hiimhi, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. To a kief resemblance, so I can fit a ton of weed in a bowl, how's that sound?:cool:

    should I try it?
  2. If you want to.
  3. I need a screen, this is going to be crazy, haha. I wonder how much I can fit into my bowl
  4. Sounds pretty much like a bowl full of weed to me :D
  5. You could accomplish that but be careful because it has more of a surface area to burn thus making it much more combustible which in turn will lead you to getting that much more faded. Good Tokes :bongin:
  6. Sounds pointlessly fast burning and harsh.
  7. If you go through with it make sure you save a big piece of weed to put in the bottom of the bowl so all the keif won't suck thru and be wasted
  8. ^This!

    Also, great idea, I'm gonna go do that :bongin:
  9. You're gonna get like 3 hits.
  10. Thats gonna be a good first hit. I think ill followsuit on ur plan :smoke:
  11. Just remember, the tighter you pack it in, the harder it'll be to hit.
  12. This may be beneficial as a way to take huge snaps with a much shorter pull time. I'd rather a few tasters however than one that'll have me hacking up brown mucus for a few...

  13. This is what I do instead of using a screen.
  14. buy a grinder. that way you can chop your weed, then take real kief and put it on your bowl:] much smarter less work:smoke:

  15. he will get 3 huge hits. More surface area = bigger, and harsher hit. You will be bent. happy toking :smoke:
  16. My couch potato fits exactly 3 hits worth of thoroughly ground up bud/kief.. craaazy world bro
  17. You can pack densely to slow the burn, but it'll be hard pulling. IF you can finish such a bowl--I can't--you'll be pretty well baked.
  18. Ive fit as much weed as I could in my spoon and smoked it all in one session. I ended up putting on a working glove on one hand because the pipe got soo hot lol.

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