So if god...?

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  1. So if god was a form of energy would he need to be created? Maybe god is a phenomenon rather than a deity. Could he possibly just, be?
  2. Theres a soultion to your problem.................atheism :p
  3. Maybe, but if it was a phenomena- why would you try to ground it in pitiful human rationale with a word that has ill-fated irrational connotations such as "god". If it was merely a natural phenomena, whatever you may mean by that, then would it have a meiosis (another natural phenomena) based gender ("he")? Doing that only serves to decrease the effectiveness of your theory, sort of like shooting yourself in the foot. Your point still stands on its own merits though, it's perfectly probable that natural phenomena is what drives the expansion of the universe and allows cosmic functions to occur, but not when you try to contrast it to humanity and society. Also, don't get stuck in cause and effect mode. The expansion of space-time fabric made existence as you know it (cosmic particulate matter resulting from expansion), it does not require a "beginning" as it is does not conform to such terms, the universe is time (and space).
  4. the thing is... people project god as a vision of themselves.
    honestly, the most perceived view of god is a white guy with a beard.
    what the hell. so if god just, is. than he is what we see him as
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    Although correct in your hunch that the majority is usually inclined toward the mundane interpretation of religion, I think you'd be surprised to find that most people actually don't believe God is a physical being - except Mormons.
  6. A phenomenon doesn't think, it doesn't build things, so no...
  7. god is everything and nothing
  8. :cool: I'm with this guy. :wave:

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