so i wrote a note to myself

Discussion in 'General' started by plip, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. so today i found a note i wrote to myself so i could remember what i was thinking about on acid

    it looks like this

    white ribbon <- a movie i recall i wanted to see

    imag <- no idea what that means

    18004483000 <- googled and found girls and boys town hotline? lol?

    a phone number with area code in buffalo ny, im not putting it on here. i called because i thought i would recognize the voice but i didnt so i just hung up without saying anything.

    and the last thing on the list was "attn to details" and i dont remember what that's related to at all...

    help me make sense of this blades
  2. i'm pretty sure imag has something to do with getting shitfaced drunk only because your under 21

  3. I kept a notebook for my thoughts on DOI, and it was filled with fucking funny ass shit.

    "For quite some time, had forgotten self capability of almost unimparied cogniscient fuck you Ben dont laugh"

    "Nickelodeon, cartoon network, are these really the innocent toddler friendly TV networks I grew up with. Brainwashing I'M WATCHING AND COMMENTING ON THE QUALITATIVE CORRUPTION OF THE VALUES OF CHILDREN" (wrote that one after seeing a commercial for a toy called "gormiti", pronounced gore-meaty. Are you fucking serious?)

    "I wonder if theres profundity to be had in thinking
    Ben ______
    all the time
    as in ((im trying to assess myself00
    make own judgements based on my actions and decisions"

    "Probably not much sense to be had, but I'm sure I'll have it all" (This was my favorite line)

    DOI is the shit, it was very profound. I had so many insights about life, I only wish I could remember them better...
  4. girls and boys town hotline is an insight to your pedophilific -calls chris hansen-
  5. lol that's what i should have done

    didn't think about how hard it will be to understand a list in short hand haha
  6. D:


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