So I went to a renasiance festival yesturday... and rode an elephant

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  1. This is so freaking intense, I had to tell someone. So I choose you.

    Yesturday, me and my friend are just chillin in the park in a bench under a tree blazing it up (we smoke a joint in the forest behind us, some awsome ass purple shit, that was so deliciously skunky, and we just came out to people watch)
    Anyway, we're trying to think of something to do for the day (it was 9 am, we're never up that early)
    and it was if God knew we were searching.
    because right then and there these 5 like 12 year olds walk past us and are talking about a renasiance festival they are going to go to.
    So me and my friend (B) are like holy shit, lets go there. We run up to them and we're all "WHERE THE HELL IS THIS!?"
    and wee find out it's an hour away
    so we sprint home, roll a few joints, and drive to the gas station to get food and shit. So we drive and it takes forever, and there are a ton of people there, but it's in the middle of no where so it's cool. We go to buy the tickets and it's like $20 a person, and we're like "holy shit..." but we pay anyway, and walk on in, and this place is incredable NOT stoned. There are people dressed up EVERYWHERE. And this place is like acres and acres of mid-evilness. So we are walking around in amazment through this place (its like in the middle of a cleared forest kinda) and looking at everything, we go to the bathroom and start looking for a place to smoke. There are children and people EVERYWHERE. Like there had to be atleast like 1,000 people there... So we find this path thing and crawl under the fence into this foresst of lush greeness, and find this awsome place to smoke by a creek, with turtles and shit, and hidden from people. So we light up. 1 joint of this stuff is enough to get us both pretty high. and we ended up smoking 3 ahahaha... so we're like stoned as ass and having an adventure and at the same time we both scream "DUDE WHAT ARE WE DOING IN THE FOREST!? WE'RE AT A FUCKING MID-EVIL PARTY!!!"
    so once again we sprint, but this time out of the forest. we are in shear amazment. I cannot tell you how awsome this was. I'm sure we both looked rediculous stuffing our faces with turkey legs and cinnibons, with smiles so fucking big they scared children. So we mess around for like 3 hours, and we're still stoned, so we're on our way out to go home, and we see a fucking elephant. and a camel. we are like "holy. motherfucking. shit balls."
    and we run to the elephant place. There's barely a line so we decided to ride both. Me and B pay $4 each and get on. This was amazing. It was probably a like 30 second ride, and it was a tiny circle it walked in, but me and B were having way much more fun than the 2 8 yearolds riding with us. It felt like we were melting into the ground on top of the ground. So we got off and I wanted to give the elephant something so i reached in my pocket and found a baby carrot (don't even ask) and gave it to her. She was happy. The pretty much same thing happend with the camel but i didn't have a carrot to give her :(

    so then we went home and crashed in my backyard

    it wdas by far the best experiance I have ever had stoned. The weed was amazing, the food was delicious, the people were kind and hilarious, the rides were insane, and the entertainment was bountiful.

    and this turned out way longer than i hoped but oh well, I couldn't keep all of this happiness to myself.

    So what was the most amazing time you've ever been stoned?:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. Damn i always wanted to go to a renascence fair. They seem cool as shit. That sounds like you had a kick ass time.

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