So, I watched "The Union'" With my mom.

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  1. So, my mom recently found out I smoke weed, well she is all against it.

    We were watching The Union and the whole time something would come up Ex: "Weed doesn't cause cancer," she would say something like, "Yes is does and all the people in this video are high so they are just lying to you. Then later on, it brings up a subject about schizophrenia and she thinks it said that it causes that in people with family members who have this. Well the only person in my family that has this is my Dads brother. I then immediately look around for a thing saying it doesnt cause this, but I couldn't.

    Now she thinks I am going to get this because it runs in our family and I smoke weed.
    Please post numerous links to sites that prove it doesn't, or rephrase what the video actually said.
  2. what is the "the union"
    haha sorry for the un-inportant post i just hear about it on here all the time
  3. It's a documentary on weed. Look it up. It's a good documentary (baked or sober).
  4. tell her to go online and try to find a medical case in which weed was the direct and only cause of a case of cancer. she'll be looking for and awefull long time
  5. Great movie!
  6. Umm... This is kind of awkward...

    Weed's not perfect.
  7. I never need to let her see that. Does this mean because my dads brother has schizophrenia, that I have a high chance of getting it from weed?

  8. Weed won't give it to you, but if you do happen to have schizophrenia it will make it worse. Someone in your family being schizophrenic means you have a higher chance of being schizophrenic then someone with a clean family history. I have no idea what the odds are.

  9. The reason for the mix up, sorry.
  10. Tell your mom to stop being so ignorant and arguing with FACTS.
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    You have a high chance of getting it from wheat. Has your dad's brother been tested for celiac disease?
    Talking about this might help her see that schizophrenia has causes other than pot...(not that pot is a cause at all, but given how she is thinking...)


    Celiac disease is a risk factor for schizophrenia

    I have celiac. The link between schizophrenia and celiac is a really big deal right now as more and more research comes in. So she should be more worried about bread!!!
  12. i love how "the union" has seem to become what you have to show anyone who is against weed.

    i see people who are always telling people to watch the union with their parents, cause they just got busted.

    its a good movie, but seriously ever since people have praised it SO much, i have kinda lost respect for it. mainlybecause a lot of the time some movie made by stoners, is not going to help a non stoner see it there way.

    i dono im stoned and rambling, im just kinda sick of people always pointing to the union, and thinking it is gonna solve all there non smoking friends issues with mj lol.

    i highly reccomend you personally taking it upon yourself to do what the union was supposed to do for you.
    she should be much more inclined to listen to her son, than "some stoner lying to you"

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