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So I watched the guide to survival with police encounters..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BluntsOrDie, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I only have one question. If I get pulled over, have something in my car, but it's pretty well hidden and doesn't smell, should I just let the cop search my car quick if he asks? If I say i don't consent to searches he could call the dogs and then get reasonable suspicion to rip apart my car, and would then find the sack. What are your thoughts?
  2. I say no.

    LEO's are heavily trained in finding 'pretty well hidden' stuff. Also who's to say they won't plant something?

    They usually only use the dogs as a bluff, and I would call that bluff.

    I'd be polite about it though and say I'm in a hurry to class or something, I wouldn't say 'fuck you oink oink I don't consent to searches'
  3. I'd say it probably depends on the reason why you were stopped. But more often than not, I wouldn't let them in. If you're only pulled over for a minor thing they probably won't go through the time and effort to get a warrant if you don't let them search.
  4. Thanks guys. I also heard that you can say you don't consent to a dog sniff?? Is this true?

  5. That I don't know lol. Sorry man
  6. :rolleyes: Get real dude.

    And no, they do not only use dogs as a bluff.

    No, this is not true. Otherwise, what would be the point of the dog if you could just say no?
  7. One guy I know was caught smoking in a car. 1 roach turned into 3 lit blunts in the report.

    Another time this guy had 7 G's of dank in vials to sell in his trunk. Turned into a half oz and smoking in the car in the report.
  8. So is that what your friends told you, or were you actually there to know what happened?

    Plus, you do realize the punishment for a quarter is the same as a half? What would be the point of "planting" a quarter of weed.. when the charge would still be the same? Same goes for the roach.

  9. You haven't seen the video of the 2 cops searching this dude. They put a baggie of weed in his pocket.

  10. So if its well hidden I should just let him search it real fast? I don't smoke in my car.
  11. [quote name='"GreenCrackYUM"']

    So is that what your friends told you, or were you actually there to know what happened?

    Plus, you do realize the punishment for a quarter is the same as a half? What would be the point of "planting" a quarter of weed.. when the charge would still be the same? Same goes for the roach.[/quote]

    Ya dude this ^^^ stop believing everything your friends say haha....sounds like he doctored the story to get some "poor me" attention from everyone he tells that story to...

    a cop wouldn't write "blunt" in his statement,and he has nothing to gain by falsifying a report
  12. No, If a cop EVER ASKS, key word being ask, to search your car refuse. If they have grounds to search, guess what, they're not going to ask. They're going to handcuff you while they rip it apart.
  13. Hmm that is a tough question. I probably would let him search as long as you know it is hidden good as fuck, but if the car doesn't smell like weed and you aren't acting nervous he shouldn't ask to search in the first place.

    I remember when I got arrested my bowl was hidden in the car and they couldn't find it. I had to show them where it was. It wasn't even that great of a spot, and I didn't intend for it to be so hard. I just set it there after smoking lol
  14. They're not going to search it "real fast". They're going to rip apart your car.

  15. Probably weighed it with the vials lmao I know cops down here do that shit, they'll weigh that shit in whatever it's packaged.

  16. no this is NOT true but you can roll up all of your windows lock your car and do everything you can to make it not easy for them, because they can't sniff inside your car unless the dog smells something
  17. Why does everybody assume they are always going to get searched when they get pulled over. Now if you are smoking and driving (or do something major) and are pulled over you are getting searched. If you're chill with the cop, act absolutely normal, they won't suspect a damn thing. I've had countless encounters with police while I'm carrying and they don't ever think about it.
  18. That shit better be really really well hidden if your gonna let a cop search your car. Best advice would be to not get pulled over in the first place (don't speed, break traffic laws etc.) and if you do just try as hard as you can to stay calm. The cops are looking for anything out of the ordinary and they are always suspicious if you act paranoid. One time my buddy who had like 3 speeding tickets got pulled over for speeding and when the cop came up to the car he was literally fucking shaking and looked scared shitless. I was baked but didn't have anything on me but still was like fuck this is gonna be a bitch. Didn't turn out to bad.

    One other time I got pulled over by myself. I was speeding cause I was soooo fucking lost and on the way to meet my friend who was tripping to blaze some bud. Luckily the cop was going the other way on the road so I had time to stash all my shit, I put it in the pocket on the back of my seat, terrible hiding spot but at least out of view. Anyway the cop came up and went through the regular bs and asked where I was going and I said to meet a friend. He asked me his name and I was honest and he was like his house is nowhere near here. I told him I was lost but had already said I had been to his house a bunch so he was suspicious. He asked me if I had been arrested, I had, then asked to search the car. I just said I'd rather not I'm already late and I'd been pulled over for like an hour.

    During the talk he was shining his flashlight all over my car looking at everything very carefully to try and catch me slipping. He eventually let me go with a warning but after that I was so shaken up I didn't even go blaze with my friend I just wanted to get home

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