so i was wondering..

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  1. is it supposed to be THAT hard to put on eyedrops when your blown.

    or is it just that i'm asian and i naturally have *****y eyes, make it that much more difficult.

    oh and who is has been so stoned that they completely miss their eye. (raises hand)

    let's hear stories, and elaborate on this.....topic?
  2. The first time i got stoned i was paranoid about my parents seeing my eyes, so i tried to put some in for the first time. It was impossible, i kept missing my eye and i was too afraid to do it, so i kept squinting. It's an art though, you start to get it down after a while
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    no man it's not hard to put eyedrops in at all.
    for me at least.

    it used to be hard because i just HATED the fact of anything being put directly onto my eyeball.
    it was like a phobia.

    but then times came where i had to put it on very quickly, so i just sucked it up and threw that shit on two drops per eye in like 4 seconds.

    ever since then i've done that like every time so it's no big deal.

    but i heard visine is just straight up bad for your eyes, like if you don't need it, don't use it.

    it's an acid and it's not good to put any type of acid in your eye.

    i only use it when i need it.
  4. lol, nice thread man. And yes it is extremely difficult to put in eye drops if you havent done it before. I dont use eye drops because its just too much trouble to deal with and i hate poking myself in the eye. You make me want to go burn with my asian friend to see how bad his eyes get,lol.

  5. I am not going to lie....

    I have no idea what adjective you used to describe your eyes.

    But anyways I used to use eye drops all the time and they can certainly be a pain in the ass to get in at times. If you stop using them all together eventually your eyes wont get red anymore.
  6. dude. i think maybe i should post a pic of how fucked up asian eyes can get. i thought there were many threads like this so i was like...uh fuck it i'll just make being blown for makings something stupid...

    oh and trust me, when you are hotboxing with couple blunts, man the smoke makes you literally blind sometimes. depends on everyone's experience.
  7. i usually can do it pretty well...just boom boom im done. but there have been times where i could put them in to save my life. like using half a bottle on both eyes...shits just tricky some times haha

    and he was sayin his eyes are c h i n k y.....i use that term soo much haa
  8. Oh that makes sense...

    You have eased my mind Bizzoo.
  9. [​IMG]

    drunk and high? yeah u know you pretty fucked up when you start looking like buddah.
  10. yeah its weird....i get squinty eyes every time i regardless of how much i smoke....its funny lol...most of the time you dont even i always feel like my eyes are open normally and shit, but then i look in a mirror and i look like that guy in the picture above me haha

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