so i was thinking about this the other day...

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  1. okay,

    before i get started, i know everyone's had their fill of 9/11 conspiracy theories and the vids on youtube such as "loose change"

    i've seen the evidence they show and agree w/some of it and dismiss other parts of it.

    one thing that i thought of the other day that i havent seen brought up in any of the vids is this:

    I would be willing to bet that the US Patriot Act was written BEFORE the 9/11 attacks. Keep in mind it was passed just 45 days after the attacks.

    I find it hard to believe that the govt could write a document of a few thousand pages, draft it, and than get congress to pass it w/in that short amt of time. look how long the katrina response has taken, there are still people living in tents because that govt has been so slow to respond.

    but they can write a very long ingeniously written doc in that short amt of time?

    i really feel that the doc was already drafted and ready, but they had to wait for something or cause something to happen in order to gain support.

    the patriot act would have never been approved by congress had it not been for the attacks.

    the patriot act goes well beyond giving law enforcement better tools to fight terrorists (that's just a front imho). it has given the govt the power to take away every last single civil liberty you have given to you by the consitution (primariliy the first 10 amendments [bill of rights]).

    i encourage you to check out this link from the ACLU's website. it goes in to detail about the abuses and potential abuses of civil liberties the govt can now do.

    another thing,
    almost immediately after the attacks, the media had pictures (mugshots) of all the terrorists.

    how did the govt know who all the people were that were involved?
    how did they already have mugshots of all of the terrorists?

    the more i think about it, the more i realize that the 9/11 attacks could be the most significant event in US history for several reasons.
    and the more i think about it, the more shady the whole deal seems.

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