So I was pretty stoned one day and.....I wanna know if anybodys on my level

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  1. not hatin, just saying your weird

  2. i put my robe on. poo like a queenon her throne

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  3. I have a portable heater that I plug in and put on the counter. Warms the place up good.
  4. You can't say you're not hating on someone and then insult them again homie shits not cool
    Not that it bothers me but come on man have a little respect for others

    Half of that is strait bull shit but well no.. it's all some true shit
    But I'm just bull shitting with ya man don't take me to seriously
    Were you naked while making this post?
    Turns me on babe.
  6. In my country it is always cold, dumping in the cold is good, just lean out the window or drop your pants and dump ...rub your anus with ice or snow to clean it and prevent the curse of capitalism, Hemorrhoids need not hide you shit as an animal will be along soon to eat it, then kill the animal and you have lunch, or supper for free, animals can be a snow fox and sel l the skin for $$$ or a wolf but you don't get so much!
  7. Yet you have Internet access?
  8. Amazing just like africa millions starve outside the cafes but for the price of a cola I can talk to you on the www.
  9. We keep a small electric heater in the bathroom. There is also a magazine holder near the toilet with usually filled with Mother Earth News, Science News and Discover in it.
    For a trippy read (rant) get a bottle of Dr Bronner's Soap! The dude may have been nuts, but it is a good soap! (Warning: do not get the peppermint variety on "certain sensitive parts" of your body! It stings! :eek:  Other varieties are OK)
    And did you know that you can also use Dr Bronners as a SAFE way to kill spider mites and other tiny bugs.   :yay:  No poisons needed!

    I like using the peppermint soap for killing mites. I don't like mites! :mad:
    Is laying in the shower as in, literally, as it sounds? :poke:
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    what a noob, animals dont eat shit! hahaha ;-)
  12. Sir knos ...Fuck All... you ain't eaten for 2 months and 48 below if you can you would eat anything 
  13. I always wait until I absolutely have to shit, to shit. so that way its like :in a fancy restaurant: go to shitter, shit, sprint out the door while looking at the ground to avoid any awkward eye contact.
  14. Yep I do it too. I take naps in there like that.

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  15. Do you actually fall asleep? I just cant fathom falling asleep in there.
  16. Nah I have a tiny electric heater in my bathroom.
  17. Yea it's like being in a shitty jacuzzi it's almost relaxing

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  18. reading a cereal box while taking a dump... And eating this cereal.
  19. I actually have a small heater in the bathroom for this exact reason. I don't wanna be cold when i'm taking a dump lol that just sounds horrible.

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