So I was pretty stoned one day and.....I wanna know if anybodys on my level

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  1. I went in the bathroom to take a dumb and I got really cold so I turned the hot water on to get the room warm and steamy

    Anybody else do this when they're cold but gotta go?
  2. You betcha! It's great until my shit smell gets hot and humid.

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  3. I just deal with being cold a few minutes
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    Hate it when it's cold when you go to take a dumb! :p
    Not a bad idea...I'm way too cheap to waste water for that though. Know what you mean, I keep my house around 63 or 64 when it's cold outside, when you first wake up and go to the bathroom it's just :eek: for a few minutes.
  5. i prefer to be cold when im dropping a steaming load....i get completely naked and browse gc or read a magazine...even toothpaste or shampoo will do.
  6. i do this when im actually gonna take a shower. ill put the water on super hot and take a dump. then ill go wash me arse in the steam
  7. I always thought the bathroom was the warmest place in the house already.
  8. op your weird
  9. .

    Coldest here. Tile doesn't hold heat well. On top of it being a room where one doesn't occupy for long periods of time, it doesn't require the same heat as the kitchen or living room. We turn off or turn down rooms we don't use as often, waste of money to heat something for just the sake of heating it with current electric and oil costs.
  10. You read toothpaste bottles and shampoo bottles when you shit?

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  11. i know something u dont know and i got something to tell ya,
  12. Before smart phones, reading anything in sight while relieving oneself was common
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    You're a little weird yourself my friend.
    We all are.
    So why hate on me for wanting to be warm while a shit? :)
  14. Um no because I don't really sit on a toilet for long enough for running hot water to warm a room up.
  15. Who doesn't?
  16. I read shampoo bottles when I'm laying in the shower but never when I shit. Toothpaste is too boring

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  17. Dump and run over here.
  18. what you SHOULD do is, take a shit on the floor, set that on fire and then, know, you won't be cold anymore, right?
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    hey I do this too with anything with a label, When I read sh!t comes out smoother. Its like " active ingredie-eeeeeennnnntttttssss--aahhh"
  20. I don't have enough time to read much of anything while taking a dump, since I'm not constipated.
    I'm in and out and my bizness is done.

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