So I was on my brother's Ipod...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ZedLeppelin, Feb 3, 2011.

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    jokes on you bud it is normal. Quit bein such a homophobe you're gonna scare you borther into being one of those typical "bros" you see in college.
  2. At least now his brother isn't gonna catch the gay.

  3. I get it, different strokes for different folks. It doesn't mean if he's gay if he does it, I get that. I'm just trying to prevent him from doing it now. If he wants to do it, he's gonna do it anyway. At least he knows what I think about it. I'm not gonna forcibly try to stop him, you know? I just showed him my stance on it.

  4. I respect that. You stepped up when most people wouldn't.

  5. Thanks man, I appreciate that.

  6. I can already tell you, If I had a little brother doing that, I definitely couldn't do that. I'm not a big fan of family awkwardness. It's cool if you're awkward with a girl, but when you see family all the time, fuck. Like I said, Awkward. :bolt:
  7. Uhhh ass play is actually preeeeeettty normal for both straight and gay people.

    IMO, you should let your little brother make up his own mind, and figure out his own preferences on what he likes to do sexually
    instead of trying to make him feel like a weirdo for merely looking something up..

    after all, it is his body, life, and ass.


  8. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. It shouldn't be too awkward (Wow it took me like 3 times to get the spelling of that) now, I'm just gonna talk to him the way I always talk to him, pretend like the conversation never happened.

  9. Was not aware it was normal.

    I'm not gonna confront him about it again, if he really wants to do that then he's gonna do it regardless of what I think. Just showed him what I think, you know?
  10. lol you confronted him like a dick.
    How have you guys interacted after this? I bet he's embarassed as hell.

  11. If anything he taught him a lesson. DELETE YOUR HISTORY!
  12. this reminds me of that time my dad found gay porn on my computer

    jesus christ i still have no fucking idea how it got there

    i hope he believed me :(

  13. Yeah, he seems fine. Talked to him while he was watching TV, he's pretty good.

    :laughing: That would of been so shitty.

  14. ahhhhh well, at least i didn't find searches on his ipod asking how to finger himself anally

    why would that even come up?? how hard is it to work out??

    you take your finger and stick it in your pooper


    not that damn difficult.

  15. HA. That's funny. But maybe he was just searching in general and saw it.
  16. He said he was just searching it for shits and giggles, I believe that. I've searched some fucked up shit before.

    I had to know what Brazilian Fart Porn was. :eek: :D

  17. Still think about doing this. I did something similar for my little bro.

    Ahhhh sig worthy.

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    Yeah, I might actually do this for him. Maybe for his 13th birthday. :D

    How'd your little bro like it?

  19. I showed my brother how he could score free porn while walking home from school. Local pharmacy used to just cut the tops of the magazines and throw them in a dumpster once a month. I showed him how to dumpster dive for porn, which I learned from being in the Boy Scouts...go figure.

    He married a hot chick, so I guess it worked out well :hello:

  20. That's badass dude :cool: Internet props


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