So I was on my brother's Ipod...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ZedLeppelin, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. If i were you i'd wash my mothafuckin hands and buy your own fridge/groceries.

  2. C'mon OP. Just let him have a lil fun, haha.
  3. Damn...when I have children, they are not allowed to use the internet.
  4. dont bring it up lol

    i mean how would this sound:

    " hey bro...heard about any anal fingering lately?"
  5. Ever hear of a colonoscopy?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. id do an investigation, look at his computer history, keep an eye on his ipod safari history.

    gather all the evidence against him, screenshots etc... post em here for our entertainment.
  8. i like how you think my good man :D

    and oh man! i love your name! i keep thinking of you as the pied piper leading a bunch of hobos across town into a fucked up shit...

  9. Hey at least you weren't fixing your cousins laptop and find in the history...

    'Simpsons porn'
    'Marge Simpsn naked'
    'Family guy porn'

    Fucked up shit yo.
  10. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions honestly. I know when I was on my couin's computer once I saw a few gay porn vids in the history and I thought the dude was gay for sure (not that it really bothered me). I looked at his comp maybe a month later, it was all lesbian and straight sex. Some people are just curious, and considering hes 12 I'm sure thats the case.

  11. Pics Incoming
  12. Sorry about the quality, but here they are. 3rd and 4th are best quality. There's an actual porn website in his history, Hamsterx mobile. I'm still worried about the anal though.

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  13. I bet thats created some awkwardness haha

  14. Really ????

    I find that statement quite bizarre ?!?!?!??!?!:confused::confused:
    You obviously know that **things** can be inserted into the rectum, so why not a finger. ?? And if you dont believe you can reach then how do you wipe your ass ???

    I think you mentioned this, just so people dont think your gay ?? or think about gay things lol
    How shallow some people are. . . . . Not trying to have a go at ya mate, just letting you know that knowing that stuff doesnt make you gay, and making a statement like that makes you you quite silly IMO
  15. xhamster is the best!

  16. At age 12, I didn't know you could anally finger yourself to pleasure yourself. That's what I meant. Obviously it doesn't make you gay if you go searching that shit online, to see what it is. What I'm surprised at is that a 12 year old kid is searching that kind of stuff. It's just weird, you know?
  17. I remember in highschool some kid in gym we were doing gym phone falls out some kid looks on it finds loads of gay porn he's like "whats with all this gay porn dude"

    "I found it awhile ago"

    "yeh bullshit why is it in your name" :wave:

    Kid changed schools instantly it was nuts.

  18. Unfortunately my cousin is 18.....
  19. hahaha every kid does shit like that at 12, we used to gather up, watch porn, and eat dorritos.... hahah so my cousins just started to masturbate, and i can always hear him beatin it cause he hasnt figured out how to stealth jerk yet.. i just act like i dont hear it, and play cool when he comes out and says something like "o your still awake"
  20. was mine :eek:, but he didn't even start jerking it till he was 16. I guess some people develop sexual curiosity later in life.

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