so I was messing around on my camera...

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    I really hope this is real, because if it is you're very lucky getting that picture, pretty rare i think

    I wasnt real, lame...............
  2. [quote name='"CSU"']

    Wait a minute, what the fuck did I miss?[/quote]

    I second this. That has been mention like 10 times in this thread
  3. Ya think? Almost so rare that it never fuckin happens!
  4. duuuuh
  5. You made a joke, but you did argue with several people who were trying to show the image to not be what it appears, while trying to keep to the original story that this was a ghost cat. Even though you never said that.

    By keeping the joke going for dozens of posts, especially when first called out on it, you force people to jump to the conclusion that you are trolling.

    Not accusing, just analyzing the situation from a 3rd party.
  6. Man, some of y'all are gettin' real butt hurt over a photo. It's a cool picture regardless. Though you may have gotten a better ghost effect with a lower ISO/Shutter Speed, OP- but you are on a phone app.
  7. I geeet it now.

    My apologizes, I thought you were sayin your camera saw a ghost...

  8. He was. He is just retracting it now.
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    fuck you guys

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
  10. :laughing: ouch..

    but hold on.. did you really fuck a 14 year old?
  11. [quote name='"ddoublevision"']

    I wasn't serious, it was a fun joke that I didn't think would get this much attention.

    Well.. was[/quote]

    ^^Called trolling.

    I could make a fun joke about a members mom and make a whole thread about it,thinking it wouldn't get attention,but it does,and I keep going on about it then deny I went on about it and confuse everyone . Trollin right.??? And with like 10,ooo posts. Idk man.
  12. Either way it's kind of a cool picture and this thread was entertaining as fuck, Thanks Double D :smoke:
  13. I really want to know if this guy fucked a 14 year old.
  14. [quote name='"iMPREPREX"']null[/quote]

    No YOU drink Slurm! That shit's made by giant slugs! Blech
  15. Then:

  16. [quote name='"iMPREPREX"']



    I LOVE Slurm!!!

  17. Fuck, man - you got me.

    Could you be a good sir, then, and point me in the direction of the nearest suicide booth, please? Thanks, chap!
  18. [quote name='"iMPREPREX"']

    Fuck, man - you got me.

    Could you be a good sir, then, and point me in the direction of the nearest suicide booth, please? Thanks, chap![/quote]

    Look around the closest 711.

  19. My question stands

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