So I was leaving a restaurant last night..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Highest, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. short but funny story

    so I was leaving a restaurant last night with my friend and bear in mind it was dark in the place. so we're leaving after a nice meal and my friend leaves first and I follow her out. well a few seconds after i walk out i hear "THANKS, ASS HOLE" so I'm like what the fuck? I turn around and lo and behold it's a man in a wheelchair with NO legs.. so I'm like fuck, I say I'm sorry and my friend is like are you kidding me? But first of all it was dark as hell by the entrance/exit and how the heck was I supposed to see this dude if he was behind me? It's not like I could hear him coming 'cus he was "rolling" and he's much shorter than my eye level since he's bound to a wheelchair. I don't think the guy needed to yell at me but w.e :bongin:
  2. haha that must have been awkward. you should have asked him what happened.
  3. it was akward, and the weird thing is this guy left all by himself, it's not like he can drive so I wonder where he was going.
  4. Im not laughing with you im laughing at you
  5. When did I ever say you were laughing at me you fucking loser
  6. how could he not drive?? have you ever heard of hand braking and accelerating?

  7. Ive never heard of that, you learn something new everyday.
  8. yep you know those bigass ford truck/van that all the handicapped people drive? The back has a ramp and the steering wheel has 2 flappy paddles that are used for acc. and braking
  9. Oh those crips

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