So I was in Amsterdam and...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by skeeter, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. I saw a place that sold seeds from a company called Growi Seeds. Does anyone know if these seeds are any good? Anyone have experience with this company? The guy at the counter suggested I try the Northern Lights Shiva, a mix of 2 indicas. What do y'all think? Good company? Good Seeds?


  2. Anything that is a NL strain is going to OK!
  3. Big Poppa,

    True that, NL strains tend to be great, but I wonder if anyone has had experiences (good or bad) with Growi seeds.

    A'Dam is a great place, but with the super cheap seeds avail. in the streets, I wonder if buying expensive seeds in the shops is worth the $$.

  4. seeds don't have to cost an arm and a leg to make good weed man
  5. I know that seeds don't have to be expensive to get good results, but I want to know if anyone has used Growi seeds and what their results were. My hope is that by using more expensive seeds from a reputable establishment, that I might benefir from the phenominal advancements in plant genetics.

    Soooo.....has anyone used Growi seeds?


  6. Has ANYONE here used Growi Seeds? Am I the first? Come on people. share the weedy knowledge!


  7. Never used them!
  8. Well, it looks as if no one has used Growi seeds, so I guess I'm not going to buy any. Not sure they would have shipped to the US anyway. I guess I'll just keep on buying ready-to-go smoke.

    Thanks to all for the info anyway. I'll be off htis bbs now.


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