So I was high as fuck today...

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  1. and I was staring at my tv thinking "If Earth used to be all natural (like only trees, water, animals, plants and shit.) how the FUCK do you make a tv or a clock or some shit out of this." Like straight up when I look at a tree I dont think " hey lets make a box that can produce a moving picture out of this". Maybe thats just me, but other humans must be insanely smarter than me cuz Id never be able to walk into the wilderness and build a tv from scratch lol.
  2. to be fair it took us about 200,000 years
  3. History of television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Yea, people are smart as fuck.
  4. yea basically people are smart as fuck and we are all stupid people using their shit. joe rogan talks about this on his standup. if u havent seen it go watch it, one of my favorite stand ups of all time. its on netflix instant.

    and to be honest electronics are 'made' from nature but not really. like plastic is made from oil, but there is a lot of chemicle shit done to it too...
  5. Haven't you seen the show "ancient aliens"? It describes all that shit.

    Just kidding, that show is a complete joke.
  6. Technology began with the creation of the 'Wheel' now everything's about micro chips and shit. Me and my friends had some similar thoughts when we were baked, we were discussing how the fxck did people invent the telephone to work? Them people aren't ordinary i'm telling you lol.
  7. I've thought about wierd shit like this many times, it's mind boggling how we went from primitive caveman with sharp rocks and sticks as tools to nowadays with all the advanced technology we use everyday and take for granted:eek:
  8. We're all dumbfucks using shit that other smartfucks figured out. And if the shit breaks then we take the shit to the smartfucks to get it fixed because we're dumbfucks and we don't know how the shit that we own works.

    So basically if like an EMP or something went off and knocked out all our technology we would all be standing in front of our microwaves with hot pockets yelling "WHY WONT IT WORK?!?!" And a good portion of our population (the dumbfucks) would die off from hot pocket deprivation.
  9. I think about this shit even when I'm not high.
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    Exactly what I was about to say except I couldn't word it right
  11. It's a step by step process, as alluded to in another post. The creation of one thing aids in the creation of another thing. The question is where does it end? It's really mind boggling what the possibilities of man made products are.
  12. you know you guys can quit being 'dumbfucks' and go learn how to make the things you use.
    witch would be a good job. We all have the chance to do it, know what im sayin? hahahaha
    then you can make your own complex machines and other various things.

    possibilities are infinite man

  13. I'm not interested in how electronics or machines work. It's just not my thing. I'd rather live in wonderment about them than learn how to make them...

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