So I was having sex with my girlfriend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokinblackguy, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. after a smoked 4 bowls of some sweet Ireland kush I was about ready to chill out and maybe hop on dem sticks with gta 4 or oblivion but my girlfriend (who lives with me) came home from work and said she had a stressful day so I rolled her a fat blunt and we went outside and blazed a little. afterwards we headed to our room and one thing led to another and I was smashin' that shit! But whenever I'm high and I'm having sex I always seem to turn into a different person. don't get me wrong I've never had any complaints but I swear the sex is so much more enjoyable when I'm blazed.

    afterwards we rolled a j of some mids and watched family guy

    does anyone else have the same effect when they're tokin' and fornicatin'? :)
  2. yes yes i do i pretty much turn into a horn dog when ever i smoke
  3. Haven't gotten a chance to yet. My girlfriend goes to a different college so I tend to smoke without her (she doesn't smoke anyway). It should be fun when we finally do.
  4. same here man. also, if you want to get down, eat some pineapple or cantaloupe before sex. its like a b12 shot man. then get lit lolz

  5. same ive said shit to birds im not even goin out with that i definately wouldnt have if i wasnt blazed lol....

    jus cant help it haha

    plus it feels sooo much better im not even joking... someone told me its down to better blood flow in your errr "genitals" haha when your smokin/ have smoked...

    moral of the story..

    get blazed, get laid.
  6. I got pretty high this morning, and proceeded to go down on my girlfriend for nearly an hour.

    I just can't help myself.

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