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  1. and this was the response for one of the videos lol

    \t Ashley, 16, CA

    \t Basically, I think the driver is just there with them out of pity. He's playing baby-sitter, to a bunch a losers, who he still associates with, for only who knows why. He's their crutch, and once he's gone, they're going to realize what huge screw-ups they are, and how much they really needed him. But he'll be long gone, most likely making a success of himself. While, they're still there. Getting high.

    haha does anybody else think these kids are complete whacko brain washed douche bags!??

    well im fuckin blazed an the Stoners in the Mist videos are funny asfuck
  2. I take actual offense to "Stoners in the Mist."
  3. Fuck abovetheinfluence, if I ever have kids they aren't going anywhere near a tv unless shit like that can be blocked out.
  4. NO, lets not say fuck above the influence.

    Come on people- you are supposed to be 18 here, what does it matter what above the influence is doing to keep kids off of drugs?? These commericals are not targeted towards you.

    Should kids be on drugs? Is that what you are saying.

    Really get over things like this. It is trying to send a message to kids "Don't do drugs"

    Which is something even us adult drug users can (or should) stand behind- kids should not do drugs.
  5. ya but these kids are 16 17 18 even 19 years old and they are spitting out complete lies and just look like total douche bags overall. the kids comenting on there are probably some of the biggest losers at their respective schools
  6. It spreads lies to our kids man. That shit is bullshit. I mean the kinds of things they tell kids about marijuana. BAck when I was a freshman in high school they showed us a video of a guy who eye cancer from smoking pot and had to get it removed and they show a guy with one eye. Come on man, eye cancer? I dont want my kid thinking im going to get eye cancer.


  7. They're sending a message accompanied by lies and propaganda... I disagree with their campaign, period.

  8. and this assumption is based on comments read on above the influence....

    how credible...

    I wouldn't be suprised if many of the people commenting have plenty of friends and are not considered "douche bags".

    I for one was totally against drugs and alcohol in highschool. My frist drink was at 18, my first high was at 18. People in high school knew me- and knew what I stood for.

    Was I considered a douche or a loser- no, infact I was quite popular.

    The internet is a terrible source to take information to base your assumptions
  9. If the message was "don't do drugs" I wouldn't have such a issue with it, but most of the shit they spit out is bashing cannabis, something "probably" safer than both alcohol and tobacco. You shouldn't lie to kids, they deserve to know FACTS not what the government wants them to think. When this generation of kids hits the world, most of them are going to have a bunch of anti-cannabis shit floating in their head, and pair it with the drugs that are actually dangerous.

    The day I see a commercial from abovetheinfluence that tells kids not to start shooting up or smoking rocks, I'll have some respect for their cause, but as long as the cannabis bashing goes on, fuck 'em.

  10. Really, have you visted the site and read the information they have regarding marijuana?

    It sounds accurate- and for the facts you may not agree with, they have sources:

    And lies and propaganda- you want to talk about manipulating???

    Any of you hear the story of santa claus???? Jesus????

    Should we take off the air all religous based programs, or all x-mas movies??

    come on- there are much worse things than getting angry over above the influence doing whatever they gotta do to keep kids off drugs.

    Its a good cause- your just getting pissed off because it is something we all love so dearly,

    but kids should not be doing drugs and we are not kids.
  11. haha by the way your talking i would lean more toward u bein a douche bag

    This isn't the kind of stuff we want around the City. Find a way to communicate other than flaming on someone or just don't post - TokinBlue

  12. O' Yea, thanks.......

  13. ^ no need to flame over a disagreement (in reply to smooth08)

    and all religions are propaganda shit in my eyes as well, but their lies don't help the "war on drugs" bust innocent people like ourselves.

    If your against drugs, and you see someone lighting up, chances are your on the phone calling the police to come bust them. When drugs are bad, the people doing drugs are bad too.
  14. Ceebaa makes good points and I agree with him that kids should not be doing drugs. Everyone agrees with that, now let's move on to how best to prepare young minds with the decision of drug use. Just like abstinence programs involving sex, I do not believe that lies and "don't do it" are the best ways of getting through to our children. Honest dialog is a must, period. I would rather my kids be given honest facts about how drugs can affect their lives, both good and bad, and how best to not fall into the abyss.

    Demonizing pot to a 16 year old kid, who is on the brink of rebellion to begin with, doesn't do us a lot of good. Most people on this board have found a way to get the benefits of drug use without waking up in a ditch addicted to crack. I would say that our collective experience would be of greater value then anything on the abovetheinfluence website. Why? Because we've been through the same trials and have found success while maintaining our right to experience ourselves.

    Abovetheinfluance is a great example of how a good idea can be twisted and corrupted through fear. So yes, fuck abovetheinfluence but that doesn't mean that the idea of drug free children is a bad one.
  15. The anti-MJ campainers are fuckin stubid....need proof? Go to this page:

    Read the story written by "Eugene". I wrote that a couple weeks ago, and posted it as a joke out of boredom. But lo and behold....the dumb fuckers actually posted it! :D
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  16. Mature way to handle debate, smooth. :rolleyes:
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  17. ya sorry cheeba im real wrecked up right now an cant resisnt bein a smart ass, but you say what the campaign promotes is truth, then how come my dog hasnt stopped hanging outwith me? how come an alien hasnt come down to bang my girl? how come i havnt sat on my buddies couch for 72 hours straight with some dude dressed up like steve irwin spying on me, 72 hours without even taking a shit..... seems a little hyped up to me
  18. Eh, I've come close the the 72 hours thing but to be fair it was a really comfortable couch and I was with my girl so we made our own entertainment. I don't know, I'd just rather stay home and smoke and fuck. Is that so wrong?

    I saw that dude who drives around his stoned friends busing my table at the waffle house at 4am last night, success and that guy have not met. So fuck Ashley as well.
  19. It is hyped up- but again, whats the big deal.

    What are they supposed to tell kids- hey pots not that bad just stay away from hard drugs and wait till you're 18, ummm, alcohol is ok to but in moderation... Say no to heroine, coke/crack, x, shrooms- o no shrooms are ok sometimes and so is X, & mescaline..... Salvia isn't illegal in all states yet so its ok, its ok to try nitrous....

    You see where I am going with this.....

    You cannot please every drug user with anti drug commericals- they are not targeted towards you.

    We all have a difference of opinion- there are some people here who say crack and heroine on the weekends is ok....

    Again these are not for adults- they are for kids...
  20. Read my post at the bottom of the first page bro.

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