So I was baked and making a sandwich and...

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  1. also recovering from back surgery when this little fucker showed up. For a second I thought I was tripping on the painkillers.

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  2. You smoked him up right?
  3. i heard doin that shit infuses the POWER OF THE SCORPION in you
  4. looks like he did ...something.
  5. i read this post and looked back at that picture.. and clicked on the thumbnail.. wtf!?!

    no seriously, WTF is that shit?
  6. Looks like you drowned the guy in something...when it comes to scorpions bro, i don't know what I'd do in that situation...kill or be killed, so i won't blame you, lol.

  7. LOL

    Im going to go out and Smoke the 5 strongest animals in the worlD!!!:eek:
  8. Hairy and ...sticky?

  9. you came on it?
  10. Looks like for reason your skin is melting and he is stuck in the melting skin of your hand.... let me know if im close LOL
  11. only problem with this is there hair.. wtf did you do to this poor lil guy
  12. ok, now i feel alright knowing im not the only one freaked the fuck out by that picture

  13. first was i is that...its wet and sticky with hairs in it.....what is it
  14. wtf is going on OP

  15. My bet.
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    LOL, Ok I liked the came on it one, and unfortunately now I look at the pics it does look a bit like it. However, I am truly sorry to disappoint you all as it's just Ant Killer Spray thingy.

    It takes me about a minute to walk 15ft right now, back surgery is no fun lemme tell you. Imagine having to bend down and deal with this shit. fuck@!

    Hair is pooch hair that was on the floor when I scraped up the dissolving beast. I don't think the Ant Spray killed it, I think it just drowned.:hello:

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  17. well at least you finally explained what the fuck was going on cause nothing against people who cum on bugs but that would be weird
  18. I'm still fucking cracked up over the replies
  19. Yea man cool dog is it chill like plays frisbee and whatnot?

    I have a shiloh shepherd and a pug, hahahaha

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